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Baker's Daily Deals (Friday, 16th September)

Well adventurers, we made it once again into the weekend! Let's see if there any new deals available before the weekend is in full swing!

Season 2 Thiolden Adventurers:


(Aps: 1-9)

1493 total minted so far

Starting the list off, we have this nice 9 Aps Gadrull listed for 20 ada.

Gadrull, The Culinary Flame #22874

Class-Game: Cook

Class-Lore: Chef of Winterbeard's Sigil

Faction: Vilnay

Charisma: 5

Athleticism: 3

Intellect: 1

Aptitude Points Total: 9

Price: 20 ada


(Aps: 10 - 19)

1304 total minted so far

This silver tier 17 Aps Ilinmyr is listed for a low 25 ada! A nice price for these stats.

Ilinmyr, Daughter of the Forest #6267

Class-Game: Ranger

Class-Lore: Spirit Speaker

Faction: Vilnay

Charisma: 10

Athleticism: 5

Intellect: 2

Aptitude Points Total: 17

Price: 25 ada


(Aps: 20-24)

1191 minted so far

How about a gold tier 21 Aps Abbelka for 35 ada.

Abbelka, The Wandering Runecarver Auristar#19593

Class-Game: Alchemist

Class-Lore: Runecarver

Faction: Vilnay

Charisma: 6

Athleticism: 8

Intellect: 7

Aptitude Points Total: 21

Price: 35 ada


(Aps: 25 - 29)

681 minted so far

UP in the diamond tier, we see a nice 26 Aps Ude listed for only 89 ada! A great price for this adventurer.

Ude'namver, Voice of the Virnayen


Class-Game: Druid

Class-Lore: Druid

Faction: Nurmyr

Charisma: 9

Athleticism: 8

Intellect: 9

Aptitude Points Total: 26

Price: 89 ada


(Aps: 30)

417 minted so far

Taking a look into the myrthrill, there is a nice 30 Aps Marendil listed for 100 ada.

Marendil, Protector of the Kjoldmyr #12382

Class-Game: Knight

Class-Lore: Aurinay Knight

Faction: Auristar

Charisma: 10

Athleticism: 10

Intellect: 10

Aptitude Points Total: 30

Price: 100 ada


(Aps: 32)

50 minted so far

Once again, this 32 Aps Vimtyr still remains as the lowest priced Drunken Dragon Tier S2 listing available.

Vimtyr, The Whispering Axe


Class-Game: Rogue

Class-Lore: Metal Vimtyr

Faction: Adventurer of the DrunkenDragon

Charisma: 11

Athleticism: 11

Intellect: 10

Aptitude Points Total: 32

Price: 650 ada

Grandmaster Adventurers:

Here we start off with a 3/5 Human Bard listed for just 125 ada!

Average Market Price: 135 - 170

Grandmaster Adventurer #9086

Race: Human

Class: Bard

Gender: Female

Subrace: Xilean

Armor: 3

Weapon: 5

Price: 125 ada

This GMA is the lowest price 8+ Paladin. This 2/6 Human Paladin is listed at a mere 140 ada! A crazy steal.

Average Market Price: 240 - 300

Grandmaster Adventurer #6129

Race: Human

Class: Paladin

Gender: Female

Subrace: Eastern Kingdoms

Armor: 2

Weapon: 6

Price: 140 ada

Lastly for today we have this nice low priced 2/6 Elf Warlock listed for only 125 ada.

Average Market Price: 200 - 275

Grandmaster Adventurer #4925

Race: Elf

Class: Warlock

Gender: Male

Subrace: Shadow Elf

Armor: 2

Weapon: 6

Price: 125 ada

That does it for the list today! See you all again tomorrow!!

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