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Baker's Daily Deals (Monday, 5th September)

Good afternoon adventurers! Only 1 more day until the exciting mint day!!!

I'm happy to announce that there has been a winner for the free JPG DDU Dragons. The NFT's have been sent to the winning buyer's address. (Unsure who bought it. Otherwise I would have put a shout out here for them).

Congratulations to the buyer!

Let's jump into the deals shall we?


(stats 2-4)

Our first listing today is a simple 2/1 Troll Knight. This courageous Troll can be had for just 75 ada.

Average Market Price: 85 - 95

Grandmaster Adventurer #111

Race: Troll

Class: Knight

Gender: Male

Subrace: Uztec Empire

Armor: 2

Weapon: 1

Price: 75 ada

Next we have the current floor price for an Undead GMA. This 1/1 Undead Warlock is listed at 1100 ada.

Average Market Price: 1250+

Grandmaster Adventurer #4172

Race: Undead

Class: Warlock

Gender: Female

Subrace: Rotten

Armor: 1

Weapon: 1

Price: 1100 ada


(stats 5-7)

6 stat GMA listings in my opinion have quite a few low price listings available Averaging a LOT in the 80 - 95 ada range. Take this 1/5 Tiefling Fighter for example. It's listed for 79.99 ada.

Average Market Price: 85 - 95

Grandmaster Adventurer #8808

Race: Tiefling

Class: Fighter

Gender: Male

Subrace: Outcast

Armor: 1

Weapon: 5

Price: 79.99 ada

Here's a 2/4 Human Paladin currently listed for 80 ada.

Average Market Price: 100 - 130

Grandmaster Adventurer #289

Race: Human

Class: Paladin

Gender: Female

Subrace: Eastern Kingdoms

Armor: 2

Weapon: 4

Price: 80 ada


(stats 8-10)

Taking the first Tier 3 spot, we have this nice 3/5 Worgenkin Rogue. It is currently available for 295 ada.

Average Market Price: 300 - 350

Grandmaster Adventurer #3235

Race: Worgenkin

Class: Rogue

Gender: Female

Subrace: Woodlands Pack

Armor: 3

Weapon: 5

Price: 295 ada

Lastly for today we look at this very nice 4/5 Human Warlock. This 9 stat GMA is listed for just 235 ada. A nice price indeed!

Average Market Price: 400 - 450

Grandmaster Adventurer #5785

Race: Human

Class: Warlock

Gender: Human

Subrace: Northern Kingdoms

Armor: 4

Weapon: 5

Price: 235 ada

That does it for today's list. We will see you all again tomorrow for mint day!!

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