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Baker's Daily Deals (Saturday, 18th February)

Welcome back adventurers for another #DailyDeals list! I'd also like to wish everyone a good Family Day long weekend for those who are lucky to have this Monday off work!

Today also marks the start of a new Bi-Weekly sales list! Let's jump in and take a look at what deals are currently available on the markets!

Season 2 Thiolden Adventurer Listings:

Floor Price: 25 ada (up from 23)


(Aps: 1-9)

1591 total minted so far

We start this Bi Weekly list off with this 6 Aps Marlanye listed for 6 ada. Everyone needs a Beer Brewer for their tavern!

Marlanye, Beer Brewer of Talin's Rest #18837

Class-Game: Brewer

Class-Lore: Brewer

Faction: Vilnay

Charisma: 3

Athleticism: 1

Intellect: 2

Aptitude Points Total: 6

Chroma: False

Price: 25 ada


(Aps: 10 - 19)

1401 total minted so far

Next up we have this 15 Aps Rundir listed for only 35 ada! The next Rundir available over 10 Aps is currently listed on the market at 70 ada.

Rundir, The Soulsmith #11821

Class-Game: Blacksmith

Class-Lore: Soulsmith

Faction: Kullmyr

Charisma: 3

Athleticism: 9

Intellect: 3

Aptitude Points Total: 15

Chroma: False

Price: 35 ada.


(Aps: 20-24)

1237 minted so far

We have a lovely gem in the Gold Tier today! This 22 Aps Chroma Aztuneio is currently listed for a low 40 ada! Grab it before it's gone!

Aztuneio, Ally of Beasts #14860

Class-Game: Ranger

Class-Lore: Tamer

Faction: Jagermyr

Charisma: 10

Athleticism: 10

Intellect: 2

Aptitude Points Total: 22

Chroma: True

Price: 40 ada


(Aps: 25 - 29)

728 minted so far

Our Diamond Tier listing is still currently the best deal on the market for the Diamond Tier and the only one listed for below 100 ada!

I will leave it here for this today, but will be swapped out on the next #DailyDeal list.

Syonir, Soul Harvester #8739

Class-Game: Warlock

Class-Lore: Kullmyr Soulherder

Faction: Kullmyr

Charisma: 10

Athleticism: 7

Intellect: 10

Aptitude Points Total: 27

Chroma: False

Price: 75 ada


(Aps: 30)

442 minted so far

The lowest priced Myrthrill Tier listing is this awesome 30 Aps Bodica which is still available for 160 ada!

Bodica, Matriarch of the Forest #14884

Class-Game: Druid

Class-Lore: Druid

Faction: Nurmyr

Charisma: 10

Athleticism: 10

Intellect: 10

Aptitude Points Total: 30

Chroma: False

Price: 160 ada


(Aps: 32)

59 minted so far

The current lowest priced 32 Aps Vimtyr is still listed for 1100 ada!

The lowest priced 32 Aps Terrorhertz is also still currently listed for 5000 ada!

Vimtyr, The Whispering Axe #16308

Class-Game: Rogue

Class-Lore: Vilkyr

Faction: Adventurer of the DrunkenDragon

Charisma: 11

Athleticism: 11

Intellect: 10

Aptitude Points Total: 32

Chroma: False

Price: 1100 ada

Grandmaster Adventurer Listings:

Floor Price: 35 ada (same as previous)

Our first GMA listing is this awesome skinned 4/3 Human Knight available for only 45 ada!

Grandmaster Adventurer #6450

Race: Human

Class: Knight

Gender: Male

Subrace: Dathelean

Armor: 4

Weapon: 3

Price: 45 ada

Our next GMA would make an awesome back line team member. This 2/5 Elf Ranger is listed for 45 ada as well!

Grandmaster Adventurer #6465

Race: Elf

Class: Ranger

Gender: Female

Subrace: Shadow Elf

Armor: 2

Weapon: 5

Price: 45 ada

Lastly for today's list, we have the lowest price Undead on the market. This 3/1 Undead Mage is available for 500 ada.

Grandmaster Adventurer #2100

Race: Undead

Class: Mage

Gender: Female

Subrace: Rotten

Armor: 3

Weapon: 1

Price: 500 ada

*Reminder* Always be sure to check the #Sell, #Buy, and the #Trade page in the Discord for deals that may not be listed on the market websites.

Remember that the S2 mint is still open and plenty available. We still continue to see the mint numbers rise each day as they are being minted. (Shown below each Tier headline)

Thanks for checking out the #DailyDeals and we will see you all next time!

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