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Baker's Daily Deals (Sunday, 17th July)

So I think in spite of the mint being delayed, I'm going to try a new #DailyDeals layout for the GMA's and incorporate this into the S2 Thiolden Adventurers as well!

I am going to start doing a tier system and adding a couple listings for each. This is to help the community find what they are looking for faster and does not represent a tier system towards DDE game content.

Tiers will be sorted by overall GMA total stats:

Tier 1 will be 2 - 4 total stats

Tier 2 will be 5 - 7 total stats

Tier 3 will be 8 - 10 total stats

With that in mind, I will more than likely either tier the S2 collection by the total of aptitude points and or by rarity. I'd love to hear some input on how I should go forward with this so please message me @Baker440 in the discord and I will incorporate it into this list!

Let's start this list off with an incredible deal!


This 2/2 Dragonkin Knight is listed for a steal at just 100 ada!

Average Market Price: 150 - 190

Grandmaster Adventurer #4601

Race: Dragonkin

Class: Knight

Gender: Male

Subrace: Thunderwing

Armor: 2

Weapon: 2

Price: 100 ada

Same stats but lower race rarity, this 2/2 Human Knight can be had for just 58 ada

Average Market Price: 60 - 80

Grandmaster Adventurer #1230

Race: Human

Class: Knight

Gender: Female

Subrace: Cov

Armor: 2

Weapon: 2

Price: 58 ada


Increasing our overall stats for tier 2, we have a 2/3 Elf Knight available for 62 ada. Only 2 ada above the floor price for a 5 stat GMA.

Average Market Price: 70 - 90

Grandmaster Adventurer #8951

Race: Elf

Class: Knight

Gender: Male

Subrace: Elenidas

Armor: 2

Weapon: 3

Price: 62 ada

Setup a good frontline defensive and this 1/5 Elf Bard will increase your teams output with buffs. Listed at 75 ada, it's a great low cost team buff GMA.

Average Market Price: 85 - 100

Grandmaster Adventurer #2812

Race: Elf

Class: Bard

Gender: Male

Subrace: Ath'alan

Armor: 1

Weapon: 5

Price: 75 ada


Increasing our overall stats once more for tier 3, we have a 2/6 Elf Warlock. Listed for 150 ada, it is the lowest price of the 4 GMA Warlocks listed with these stats.

Average Market Price: 250 - 300

Grandmaster Adventurer #2780

Race: Elf

Class: Warlock

Gender: Male

Subrace: Shadow Elf

Armor: 2

Weapon: 6

Price: 150 ada

Coming in at 250 ada, This nearly perfect 3/6 Human Cleric is the lowest cost healing GMA with 9:10 stats.

Average Market Price: 275 - 350

Grandmaster Adventurer #4818

Race: Human

Class: Cleric

Gender: Female

Subrace: Eastern Kingdoms

Armor: 3

Weapon: 6

Price: 250 ada

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