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Baker's Daily Deals (Thursday, 30th June)

Been a busy day getting things ready for tomorrow!! ( Canada day )

Finally have some time to sit down and see what the market holds for us adventurers today.

First up is this 4/4 Troll Rogue. Listed at 180 ada, it is currently cheaper than some 3/4 Troll listings.

Average Market Price: 200 - 240

Grandmaster Adventurer #7158

Race; Troll

Class: Rogue

Gender: Female

Subrace: Forest Troll

Armor: 4

Weapon: 4

Price: 180 ada

Second for today, if your looking for the best deal available at the current floor price, this 1/1 Tiefling Fighter is the rarer of the 6 GMA available for 55 ada.

Average Market Price: 70 - 85

Grandmaster Adventurer #556

Race: Tiefling

Class: Fighter

Gender: Male

Subrace: Outast

Armor: 1

Weapon: 1

Price: 55 ada

Next up is this very clean looking 2/2 Human Ranger. Listed at 58 ada, it is the 3rd lowest price across all 2/2 listings.

Average Market Price: 75 - 90

Grandmaster Adventurer #136

Race: Human

Class: Ranger

Gender: Male

Subrace: Eastern Kingdoms

Armor: 2

Weapon: 2

Price: 58 ada

Fourth for today we have a 6:10 stat Human Warlock. This 1/5 is listed at just 70 ada. There are also 2 other Human Warlock listings, one for 70 and another for 75, but they have already been featured on the #DailyDeals before. ( #7873 (JPGStore) and #8740 (NFTJam)).

Average Market Price: 90 - 125 (Prices are strangely low for Human Warlocks)

Grandmaster Adventurer #6148

Race: Human

Class: Warlock

Gender: Male

Subrace: Cov

Armor: 1

Weapon: 5

Price: 70 ada

Lastly we have this low priced 1/6 Human Paladin. Listed at just 100 ada, this would be a great way for someone to add that 6 stat weapon to their Paladin collection!

Average Market Price: 225 - 275 ada

Grandmaster Adventurer #2739

Race: Human

Class: Paladin

Gender: Female

Subrace: Dathelean

Armor: 1

Weapon: 6

Price: 100 ada

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