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Baker's Daily Deals (Thursday, 5th January)

Good evening adventurers! We continue to see new listings pop up daily so make sure to continue to keep an eye on the markets. That deal you've been looking for may just show up someday!

Let's see what sweet deals we can find today!

Season 2 Thiolden Adventurer Listings:

Floor Price: 20 ada


(Aps: 1-9)

1502 total minted so far

Our Bronze Tier listing is this 6 Aps Mey. This adventurer is listed at the new floor price of 20 ada.

Mey, Graduate from The Royal Academy of Oxinton #17764

Class-Game: Mage

Class-Lore: Mage Scholar

Faction: Vilnay

Charisma: 2

Athleticism: 1

Intellect: 3

Aptitude Points Total: 6

Chroma: False

Price: 20 ada


(Aps: 10 - 19)

1310 total minted so far

In the Silver Tier, we find this 17 Aps Aragren available for just 34 ada.

Aragren, The Green Vilkyr #2733

Class-Game: Knight

Class-Lore: Vilkyr

Faction: Vilnay

Charisma: 6

Athleticism: 2

Intellect: 9

Aptitude Points Total: 17

Chroma: False

Price: 34 ada.


(Aps: 20-24)

1171 minted so far

Showing up in our Gold Tier today is this 21 Aps Gulnim which is listed for 39 ada.

Gulnim, Black Market Supplier of the Thieves Guild #5477

Class-Game: Rogue

Class-Lore: Thief

Faction: Auristar

Charisma: 8

Athleticism: 5

Intellect: 8

Aptitude Points Total: 21

Chroma: False

Price: 39 ada


(Aps: 25 - 29)

687 minted so far

The Diamond Tier brings us a 28 Aps Gadrull that is currently available for 79 ada.

Gadrull, The Culinary Flame #21997

Class-Game: Cook

Class-Lore: Chef of the Winterbeard's Sigil

Faction: Vilnay

Charisma: 9

Athleticism: 9

Intellect: 10

Aptitude Points Total: 28

Chroma: False

Price: 79 ada


(Aps: 30)

414 minted so far

Our Myrthrill Tier listing for today is the current lowest priced 30 Aps Dethiol on the market. This adventurer can be had for 175 ada.

Dethiol, The Crucible of Souls #5996

Class-Game: Knight

Class-Lore: Kullmyr Soulherder

Faction: Kullmyr

Charisma: 10

Athleticism: 10

Intellect: 10

Aptitude Points Total: 30

Chroma: False

Price: 175 ada


(Aps: 32)

57 minted so far

The lowest priced 32 Aps Vimtyr is listed is for 420 ada!

The lowest priced 32 Aps Terrorhertz is listed for 490 ada!

Vimtyr, The Whispering Axe #13608

Class-Game: Rogue

Class-Lore: Vilkyr

Faction: Adventurer of the DrunkenDragon

Charisma: 10

Athleticism: 11

Intellect: 11

Aptitude Points Total: 32

Chroma: False

Price: 420 ada

Grandmaster Adventurer Listings:

Floor Price: 40 ada

The first GMA listing is this 2/3 Human Fighter listed for 45 ada.

Grandmaster Adventurer #2867

Race: Human

Class: Fighter

Gender: Male

Subrace: Xilean

Armor: 2

Weapon: 3

Price: 45 ada

Our next GMA listing is this 4/2 Human Rogue listed for 50 ada.

Grandmaster Adventurer #2761

Race: Human

Class: Rogue

Gender: Male

Subrace: Northern Clans

Armor: 4

Weapon: 2

Price: 50 ada

Lastly, we have this 4/3 Human Warlock listed for 55 ada. A great addition to a low # collection!

Grandmaster Adventurer #17

Race: Human

Class: Warlock

Gender: Male

Subrace: Kerian

Armor: 4

Weapon: 3

Price: 55 ada

*Reminder* Always be sure to check the #Sell, #Buy, and the #Trade page in the Discord for deals that may not be listed on the market websites.

Remember that the S2 mint is still open and plenty available. We still continue to see the mint numbers rise each day as they are being minted. (Shown below each Tier headline)

Thanks for checking out the #DailyDeals and we will see you all next time!

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