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Baker's Daily Deals (Tuesday, 28th February)

Good evening brave adventurers!

Hard to believe we have reached the end of February already! Time has been flying by and before we know it, we all will be nose deep in the Idle Adventurers!

Let's check the markets and see if we can help build up your team of adventurers and maximize the DS return for completing quests upon release!

Season 2 Thiolden Adventurer Listings:

Floor Price: 15 ada (same as previous)


(Aps: 1-9)

1611 total minted so far

We start today's list off with an adventurer that does not usually get listed below 40 ada. This 3 Aps Drignir is currently available for 25 ada! Not to mention he also looks great in the tavern leading a team of the Drunken Dragon JPG NFT's!

Drignir, Trainee Protector of the Kjoldmur #22349

Class-Game: Paladin

Class-Lore: Aurinay Knight

Faction: Auristar

Charisma: 1

Athleticism: 1

Intellect: 1

Aptitude Points Total: 3

Chroma: False

Price: 25 ada


(Aps: 10 - 19)

1419 total minted so far

In our Silver Tier, there is a nice 16 Aps Arun'na available for only 25 ada!

Arun'na, Battle Alchemist of Ik'nal'tar #8510

Class-Game: Mage

Class-Lore: Mage Alchemist

Faction: Vilnay

Charisma: 5

Athleticism: 2

Intellect: 9

Aptitude Points Total: 16

Chroma: False

Price: 25 ada.


(Aps: 20-24)

1246 minted so far

The next adventurer on this evenings list is a 20 Aps Haakon. This Cleric can be yours for only 54 ada.

Haakon, Voice of the Seven Lights of Auristar #10219

Class-Game: Cleric

Class-Lore: Priest of the Ude Aurind

Faction: Auristar

Charisma: 6

Athleticism: 10

Intellect: 4

Aptitude Points Total: 20

Chroma: False

Price: 54 ada


(Aps: 25 - 29)

733 minted so far

Needing a strong back line team member? How about this 28 Aps Friga for just 65 ada!

Friga, Ranger of the Nimkjold #12489

Class-Game: Ranger

Class-Lore: Nimkjold Ranger

Faction: Vilnay

Charisma: 10

Athleticism: 10

Intellect: 8

Aptitude Points Total: 28

Chroma: False

Price: 65 ada


(Aps: 30)

445 minted so far

Our lowest Dead Queen adventurer is this 30 Aps Arin which is currently listed on the market for 249 ada!

Arin, Scepter of the Dead Queen #19949

Class-Game: Fighter

Class-Lore: Vilkyr

Faction: The Dead Queen

Charisma: 10

Athleticism: 10

Intellect: 10

Aptitude Points Total: 30

Chroma: False

Price: 249 ada


(Aps: 32)

61 minted so far

The current lowest priced 32 Aps Vimtyr is still listed for 1100 ada!

The lowest priced 32 Aps Terrorhertz is also still currently listed for 5000 ada!

Vimtyr, The Whispering Axe #16308

Class-Game: Rogue

Class-Lore: Vilkyr

Faction: Adventurer of the DrunkenDragon

Charisma: 11

Athleticism: 11

Intellect: 10

Aptitude Points Total: 32

Chroma: False

Price: 1100 ada

Grandmaster Adventurer Listings:

Floor Price: 39 ada (same as previous)

The first GMA listing this evening is this awesome 3/6 Tiefling Ranger. This GMA is currently listed for only 180 ada!

Grandmaster Adventurer #5928

Race: Tiefling

Class: Ranger

Gender: Male

Subrace: Kulthul

Armor: 3

Weapon: 6

Price: 180 ada

Our next GMA listing is another 3/6 stat adventurer. This Human Fighter is also available for only 180 ada!

Grandmaster Adventurer #5937

Race: Human

Class: Fighter

Gender: Male

Subrace: Cov

Armor: 3

Weapon: 6

Price: 180 ada

Lastly for this evening we have this epic 3/1 Dragonkin Cleric listed for only 75 ada! This is currently the lowest priced Dragonkin on the market.

Grandmaster Adventurer #3218

Race: Dragonkin

Class: Cleric

Gender: Female

Subrace: Frostwing

Armor: 3

Weapon: 1

Price: 75 ada

*Reminder* Always be sure to check the #Sell, #Buy, and the #Trade page in the Discord for deals that may not be listed on the market websites.

Remember that the S2 mint is still open and plenty available. We still continue to see the mint numbers rise each day as they are being minted. (Shown below each Tier headline)

Thanks for checking out the #DailyDeals and we will see you all next time!

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