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Baker's Daily Deals(Tuesday, 6th September)



That glorious time has finally arrived that we all have been waiting so eagerly for! We have successfully defeated the test of time. Now we shall bask in it's glory!!

Season 2 Thiolden Adventurers is among us! Let us celebrate with a mug in the air!

Let us also let out a blood warming drunken birthday roar for Vledic, who has graciously let us know that today is also his birthday! Another mug in the air for the creator himself! And another round for all adventurers celebrating today with us!

Happy Birthday Vledic!

Today will be the last day I will only list GMA listings in the #DailyDeals. Starting tomorrow, I will start listing the S2 Thiolden collection alongside the GMA listings.

I will more than likely do a list of four S2 and four GMA.

This will also reset the 2 week flip cycle for listings.

If anyone has any feedback on what's included for info, layout, sizing, etc.. don't be afraid to let us know in the Discord!

On with the final GMA #DailyDeals list! (Let's see what the BEST deal listings are)


(stats 2-4)

First, this incredible 1/3 Worgenkin Warlock is listed for a very low 90 ada!

Average Market Price: 120 - 160

Grandmaster Adventurer #1271

Race: Worgenkin

Class: Warlock

Gender: Female

Subrace: Shadowlands Pack

Armor: 1

Weapon: 3

Price: 90 ada

Needing a floor price GMA? Here's a 1/3 Human Ranger listed for 60 ada!

Average Market Price: 75 - 85

Grandmaster Adventurer #2691

Race: Human

Class: Ranger

Gender: Female

Subrace: Ranger

Armor: 1

Weapon: 3

Price: 60 ada


(stats 5-7)

Here's an absolute beast of a deal! This 4/3 Dragonkin Bard is listed for ONLY 150 ada!!

Average Market Price: 275 - 340

Grandmaster Adventurer #2847

Race: Dragonkin

Class: Bard

Gender: Female

Subrace: Firewing

Armor: 4

Weapon: 3

Price: 150 ada

Heres an epic 1/5 Tauren Cleric. This bad boy is listed at only 2800 ada!

Average Market Price: 5000+

Grandmaster Adventurer #2665

Race: Tauren

Class: Cleric

Gender: Female

Subrace: Eagle Spear Tribe

Armor: 1

Weapon: 5

Price: 2800 ada


(stats 8-10)

How can we not start off Tier 3 without mentioning this crazy deal!! This PERFECT 4/6 Human Warlock is listed at the Perfect floor price of just 450 ada! A crazy steal! There are only 9 perfect Warlock listings available. This one is the cheapest of them all.

Average Market Price: 800 - 1000

Grandmaster Adventurer #2007

Race: Human

Class: Warlock

Gender: Male

Subrace: Kerian

Armor: 4

Weapon: 6

Price: 450 ada

Lastly for this epic list we have this PERFECT floor price 4/6 Troll Rogue. This GMA is available for 799 ada!

Average Market Price: 1000 - 1400

Grandmaster Adventurer #850

Race: Troll

Class: Rogue

Gender: Female

Subrace: Forest Troll

Armor: 4

Weapon: 6

Price: 799 ada

That does it for the last GMA only #DailyDeals list.

For all who are participating in the mint, good luck and may the odds be in your favor!

See you again tomorrow adventurers!

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