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Baker's Daily Deals (Tuesday, 8th November)

Good evening adventurers!

Is there a specific type of adventurer / listing you'd like to see more of? A specific topic related to the listings? or anything else in the #DailyDeals? Shoot me a DM in the Discord @Baker440. I'd love to hear your ideas!

Season 2 Thiolden Adventurer Listings:


(Aps: 1-9)

1449 total minted so far

Our first adventurer we have today is one that is quite rare to find for sale on the markets. With only 4 in total for sale, this 7 Aps Drignir is currently the lowest price at 40 ada, but the highest Aps available.

Drignir, Trainee Protector of the Kjoldmur #4870

Class-Game: Paladin

Class-Lore: Aurinay Knight

Faction: Auristar

Charisma: 1

Athleticism: 4

Intellect: 2

Aptitude Points Total: 7

Chroma: False

Price: 40 ada


(Aps: 10 - 19)

1252 total minted so far

For the Silver Tier, we have the lowest priced available. This 12 Aps Abbelka is listed for only 25 ada!

Abbelka, The Wandering Runecarver #18769

Class-Game: Alchemist

Class-Lore: Runecarver

Faction: Vilnay

Charisma: 8

Athleticism: 3

Intellect: 1

Aptitude Points Total: 12

Chroma: False

Price: 25 ada.


(Aps: 20-24)

1132 minted so far

Checking the markets, we find the lowest priced Kullmyr Faction adventurer for the Gold Tier. This 24 Aps Mili is listed for 49 ada! (There is a Discord title for owning all Kullmyr Faction adventurers)

Mili, Soul Butcher #14081

Class-Game: Warlock

Class-Lore: Kullmyr Soulherder

Faction: Kullmyr

Charisma: 5

Athleticism: 10

Intellect: 9

Aptitude Points Total: 24

Chroma: False

Price: 49 ada


(Aps: 25 - 29)

656 minted so far

Our Diamond Tier listing is the second lowest priced Diamond available. At just 60 ada, you can get yourself a nice 27 Aps Naya to join your team!

Naya, Silveredge of the Seven Lights of Auristar #20943

Class-Game: Fighter

Class-Lore: Aurinay Knight

Faction: Auristar

Charisma: 10

Athleticism: 8

Intellect: 9

Aptitude Points Total: 25

Chroma: False

Price: 60 ada


(Aps: 30)

398 minted so far

Coming in for the Myrthrill Tier, we have the lowest 30 Aps Aki available for only 170 ada. The next available starts at 199!

Aki, Vilkyr from the East #11064

Class-Game: Fighter

Class-Lore: Vilkyr

Faction: Adventurer of the East

Charisma: 10

Athleticism: 10

Intellect: 10

Aptitude Points Total: 30

Chroma: False

Price: 170 ada


(Aps: 32)

55 minted so far

Our floor price for the Drunken Dragon Tier has risen. The lowest priced 32 Aps Vimtyr is now 460 ada.

The lowest priced Terrorhertz is listed for 1080 ada!

Vimtyr, The Whispering Axe #523

Class-Game: Rogue

Class-Lore: Vilkyr

Faction: Adventurer of the DrunkenDragon

Charisma: 10

Athleticism: 11

Intellect: 11

Aptitude Points Total: 32

Chroma: False

Price: 460 ada

Grandmaster Adventurer Listings:

Run now and quickly grab yourself an insane deal! This 2/4 Troll Rogue is currently listed for a crazy 53 ada!

Average Market Price: 90 - 125

Grandmaster Adventurer #8737

Race: Troll

Class: Rogue

Gender: Female

Subrace: Uztec Empire

Armor: 2

Weapon: 4

Price: 53 ada

Here is another awesome deal! This 3/3 Dragonkin Mage is currently priced at 90 ada!

Average Market Price: 125 - 180

Grandmaster Adventurer #5892

Race: Dragonkin

Class: Mage

Gender: Male

Subrace: Frostwing

Armor: 3

Weapon: 3

Price: 90 ada

Lastly, if you haven't ran for the other listings yet, there is this crazy, 4/4 Worgenkin Knight for an unbelievable 85 ada! If I had the funds, this wouldn't have even been posted!

Average Market Price: 200 - 600

Grandmaster Adventurer #726

Race: Worgenkin

Class: Knight

Gender: Male

Subrace: Shadowlands Pack

Armor: 4

Weapon: 4

Price: 85 ada

*Reminder* Always be sure to check the #Sell, #Buy, and the #Trade page in the Discord for deals that may not be listed on the market websites.

Remember that the S2 mint is still open and plenty available. We still continue to see the mint numbers rise each day as they are being minted. (Shown below each Tier headline)

Thanks for checking out the #DailyDeals and we will see you all again tomorrow!

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