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Baker's Daily Deals (Wednesday, 25th May)

Updated: May 30, 2022

We have ourselves a deal today that does not come around often. Today's deal is a 4/3 Human Ranger. This GMA is listed for ONLY 68 ada! This deal should not last long.

Besides this GMA, only 1 ranger with 4/3 stats under 155 ada is available for NFTJAM. CNFT.Tools has a few GMA listed for under 100 ada with 4/3 stats, but again, other than this GMA, there is only 1 ranger under 155 ada.

Average Market Price : 120+

Grandmaster Adventurer #118

Race: Human

Class: Ranger

Gender: Male

Subrace: Dathelean

Armor: 4

Weapon: 3

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