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Drunken Dragon Daily Thursday 18th November

Updated: Nov 21, 2021

Hey everyone!

Welcome to todays news round up!

Thanks to all of those that have congratulated me in my hiring to the Drunken Dragon team! I promise to as always, deliver my best work to you all and be the person to drive our already flourishing community. My DM’a are open so if you have any ideas for the community then I’m all ears!

Vledic has announced some changes to the Stake Pool reward system and this can be reviewed in the News Board channel on the Discord. Go there now for more information.

We look forward to hosting more community events coming up and I’ll be in constant dialogue with the innkeeper team to deliver some awesome content to you all with the chance of winning some PTs etc so stay tuned!


Wow! A super low pickup in the last 24 hours with this ranger selling for just 50 ADA! -

The perfect fighter that was the lowest perfect floor for a while was finally sold for 520 ADA -

This 7/10 Mage was an absolute steal for 60 ADA with rare human sub race! -

The GMA floor remains at 80 ADA but as you can see above there are a few selling for below that price. The Perfect GMA has a starting price of 600 ADA with an auction going lower for a perfect fighter.

Tavern maiden floor is now 40 ADA and there a few for just under 50 ADA. The Lars floor has lowered to 160 with a few under 200 ADA. There are plenty of Orbs under 60 ADA with the floor sitting nicely at 52.




GMA Floor - 80

Perfect GMA Floor Price - 520

Lars Floor Price - 160

Orb Floor Price - 52

Maiden Floor Price - 40



Discord Update - 4482/5000

Facebook Update - 79/500

Twitter Followers - 7468/10000



1, Mushroom Mage 56

2, Vimtyr 53

3, Saphst4r 51

4, Jovee 40

5, Terrorhertz 40

Thanks all for reading and see you all tomorrow!


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