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Drunken Dragon Daily Friday 12th November

Good morning all and welcome to your news for a cold and rainy Friday (at least for me in the UK)

As we approach 5000 Discord users it would be good to remind you all about the invite competition that is still ongoing and will likely soon be ending!

The ADA values on this poster have jumped significantly so there’s still time to get your invites in and push towards getting us even more engagement with the community! Here are the rules & prizes below!

1. The goal is to get to 5,000 verified Discord members - the prizes will only be distributed based on the invite scores once we arrive at our goal.

2. You will need to create a new invite link for your scores to be properly counted. It's best if you set your link to not expire so that we can verify your scores. 3. Do not spam! We want to be a welcoming and inviting community.

4. Do not bot farm! We have bots and validations in place that will catch these and prevent them from adding to your score.

5. Be sure to welcome newcomers, we want them to be comfortable and stick around!

Good luck everyone!


Pixel tile rewards have been sent for this epoch as per -

Remember to check the Veimis raffle checker in the Tools section of the website to see if you got any rewards today!


There have been some slight tweaks on the Sales Data page on this website so check that out if you have time too. Work is always going on in the background to make this site as friendly and rich in content for all of you :)


Theres also still a giveaway ongoing on the Drunken Dragon Facebook page! Make sure you’re following today. Shout out to Josh Baker for holding it down in those parts! -


This awesome 9/10 forest Troll mage was grabbed in the last 24 hours -

This was an insane price for an awesome looking character! Shadow Elf Paladin 1/5 for only 75 ADA! A steal! -

This perfect tank was grabbed yesterday at 500 ADA! Another bargain! -

The GMA floor still has risen from 65 at a point yesterday back up to 80 with the Perfect GMA having a starting price of 520 ADA which has been the floor for perfects for a few days. There’s still a continued stock of perfects sitting at 600 and ongoing auctions if you wanted to grab one!

Tavern maiden floor price is sitting pretty at 44 ADA but some deviant grabbed one for 20 ADA! An absolute steal! The Lars floor is currently 169 with no current auctions ongoing and a fair few under 200 ADA.




GMA Floor - 80

Perfect GMA Floor Price - 520 (Auction Lower)

Lars Floor Price - 169

Orb Floor Price - 54 (Auction Lower)

Maiden Floor Price - 42



Discord Update - 4473/5000

Facebook Update - 79/500

Twitter Followers - 7430/10000



1, Mushroom Mage 54

2, Vimtyr 51

3, Saphst4r 50

4, Jovee 40

5, Terrorhertz 39

Thanks all for reading and see you all tomorrow!


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