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Drunken Dragon Daily Friday 14th January


I’m at work until 9pm tonight at work and was working on some videos during my break so won’t have the time to do the big format like I usually do but here are the important stories of the day!

Those videos I spoke about above? Well, they’re live now on the Official Drunken Dragon YouTube channel!

They feature some basic tutorials about the game as well as an informative piece. You can go and check them out here -

An absolutely epic auction earlier and big congratulations to josegcosta who picked up this huge bundle of 100 GMA’s with a winning bid of 4000 ADA! It was an epic back and forth in the auction channel enjoyed by the community so congrats again! You can see what was picked up below.

Our next developer live stream has been confirmed! This will be live on the Official Drunken Dragon YouTube channel on Thursday 27th January at 8pm UTC! We look forward to seeing you all there!

Our community art contest ends in 5 days so please make sure you’re getting your submissions in before this date! Looking forward to seeing some of your awesome creations!

That’s it for todays news but I’ll be back with the regular format tomorrow!

Have a good night all!


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