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Drunken Dragon Daily Friday 28th January

Hey adventurers!

Wow! Absolutely tonnes of content on the January developer update stream from last night! There’s honestly too much to cover but the project moving to a DIP and our first GMAs entering our inns are the highlights for me!

You can check out the stream in the video below! I will be adding time stamps soon so you can skip to the party’s you would like. Make sure to let us know what you thought in the Discord!

You can also download the latest version of the Alpha by following the details in our latest tweet :)

NFTJam wrote an article in their Discord regarding the improvement of their support channels. You can see this below.

We’re still waiting for the API to be fixed on the Herald website which brings us the sales data on the pixel tile tracker. Hopefully this will be back soon.


There are currently no ongoing auctions. If you would like to start one then please contact Quantum by using the auction request channel in the Discord.



More and more Grandmaster Adventurer sales and you can see them all by checking the full sales ledger at the bottom of this section.

Here are a few of my favourites sales from today!

This awesome 8/10 Human Mage sold for 180 ADA!

Another solid 8/10 pickup and this time a Human Ranger!

Last but not least 100 ADA was sent for this glass cannon Elf Paladin!

For all the latest sales check this link and scroll down to the complete sales ledger -

CNFT: The GMA floor is 99 ADA which is an Elf Cleric. The perfect GMA price is 700 ADA which is a Human Fighter.

NFTJam: The GMA floor is 100 ADA which is an Elf Rogue. The perfect GMA price is 699 for a Tiefling Mage.

JPGStore: Human Druid, 700 ADA for a perfect GMA




GMA Floor - 100 ADA

Perfect GMA Floor Price - 700 ADA

Lars Floor Price - 150 ADA

Orb Floor Price - 45 ADA

Maiden Floor Price - 39 ADA

Wall Torch - 19 ADA


GMA Floor - 95 ADA

Perfect GMA Floor Price - 699 ADA



Discord Update - 5197/5000

Facebook Update - 89/500

Twitter Followers - 8271/10,000



1, Vimtyr 64

2, Musroom Mage 56

3, Saphst4r 52

4, Vpr 47

5, Terrorhertz 47

Catch you all soon!

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