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Drunken Dragon Daily Monday 15th November

Good morning all! Hope everyone is having a great day? Here is your news round up from the past 24 hours!

The Maiden Gang and Drop Snipers threads have now moved to the community tab on the Discord. This is due to both threads being a community effort rather than a tavern activity. The Drop Snipers thread has also been renamed the “The Drunken Merchant Guild” should anyone have any issues trying to find it.

An awesome looking starter team has been posted for auction in the “starter team” thread with the bidding starting at 350 ADA for a team of 5 to get you started! Anyone looking to onboard into the game this is a great start to be ready for inns and quests!


This super looking 1/4 Orc Warlock is the lowest Orc floor and is available for 250 ADA! -

Great perfect pickup for just under 500 ADA. Sick looking Tiefling Warlock -

Congrats to Layrasm who grabbed an awesome Tiefling Knight at a great price of 67 ADA. Welcome to the Drunken Dragon! -

The GMA floor has risen again now sitting at 80 ADA and your Perfect GMA having a starting price of 520 ADA for the 5th day running. There’s still some perfects sitting at 600 and ongoing auctions so there are great GMA’s to be had!

Tavern maiden floor has been at 42 ADA a few days now but there are a good supply for just under 50 ADA. The Lars floor has risen to 190 with a couple under 200.




GMA Floor - 80

Perfect GMA Floor Price - 520 (Auction Lower)

Lars Floor Price - 190

Orb Floor Price - 54 (Auction Lower)

Maiden Floor Price - 42



Discord Update - 4473/5000

Facebook Update - 79/500

Twitter Followers - 7457/10000



1, Mushroom Mage 56

2, Vimtyr 52

3, Saphst4r 50

4, Jovee 40

5, Terrorhertz 40

Thanks all for reading and see you all tomorrow!


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