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Drunken Dragon Daily Monday 1st November

Hey everyone and welcome to todays Drunken Dragon Daily for 1st November 2021. This is my first post from mobile so wish me luck!

After the initial scare of a torch shortage the panic seems to have ended and the majority of ghouls, ghosts, goblins and pumpkins have settled for another year. Valia no longer lives in darkness, but for how long….

First shout out today to Exodus Gear who is working on an awesome 3D render of a Drunken Dragon tavern inside a little glass globe. Looks sick. Go check it out here -

(Paste in this code on the left side)


"721": {

"b2e35c26362fe87b091dc42eeeff6d28d6109667de8b74191519f2d5": {

"ADAGlobes": {

"name": "ADA Globes",

"image": "ipfs://QmcxYwQAK5bD1c67RDRBZt74zgRcjCaVRtr59dbJYwxDVd",

"mediaType": "image/png",

"Inspiration:": "Drunken Dragons",

"Project:": "ADA Globes",

"Creator:": "Exodus Gear",

"description": "A Tavern to rest in",

"files": [


"name": "ADAGlobes",

"mediaType": "model/gltf-binary",

"src": "ipfs://QmXEVTeksnzsxUhy3hRaJZ4sXL1mvQqFruCKVoSzAymNJG"





"version": "1.0"




Wow, another absolute bargain yesterday with this Worgenkin Paladin getting picked up for only 99 ADA. An absolute steal!

And this Dragonkin also went for 99 ADA. Unreal! -

The GMA floor price remains at 89 ADA with around 6 GMAs under 100. Still some awesome pickups to be had! Just need to be quick on the pulse to grab some of these ridiculous rare GMAs at bargain prices. Tavern maidens have been lowered by only one ADA to 44 from 45 ADA.

So, onto the stats…



GMA Floor - 89

Perfect GMA Floor Price - 650

Lars Floor Price - 190

Orb Floor Price - 50

Maiden Floor Price - 45



Discord Update - 4287/5000

Facebook Update - 77/500

Twitter Followers - 7269/10000



1, Mushroom Mage 53

2, Vimtyr 50

3, Saphst4r 47

4, Terrorhertz 37

5, Jovee 37

Thanks all for reading and see you all tomorrow!


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