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Drunken Dragon Daily Monday 20th December

So, today was the big day! There is so much content for you to catch up on and I got your backs with the 3 things you need to watch ;)

The perfect Viera was auctioned for 13,000 ADA and the deal completed today! Wow! Congratulations to the buyer and seller here this is an absolutely peak pickup and sale, the pinnacle of purchases from The Drunken Dragon. Absolutely iconic! Congratulations again!

Drunken Dragon Short Stories - The first in a long series of video shorts that showcase lore moments of characters in our universe. The first one featuring our legendary character “Rei” can be watched below.

Drunken Dragon Alpha Live Stream - The Devs took to the Live Stream discussing todays Alpha release alongside talking about the future of the project.

Terrorhertz post Alpha Live Stream - I streamed straight after the end of the Alpha Live stream, playing the game and discussing it with you all.

See you all in the usual format tomorrow!


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