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Drunken Dragon Daily Monday 31st January

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend?

NFTJam are running a contest over on their twitter. You can check out the details below and in their Twitter here -

Lots of work is happening behind the scenes ready for the update to the game tomorrow night so stay tuned to the News Channel in the Discord for an update to when it’s live!

There are lots of great deals to be had in the sell channel of the Discord so if you’re looking to get some new Pixel Tiles or Grandmaster Adventurers then head there!

Vimtyr is working on some cool torch gang badges in the torch gang channel so go there and give him some feedback on the awesome designs and concepts so far!

We fixed the latest sales price data on the pixel tile tracker but are still wait for the API to be fixed on the Herald website for the historical sales on the Pixel Tiles. Hopefully this will be back soon.

As explained in yesterdays news. We are working on a new format to bring you the news and insider goings on at the project. This will be revealed shortly once the plans are set but it will be very exciting :)


There are currently no ongoing auctions. If you would like to start one then please contact Quantum by using the auction request channel in the Discord.



Only one sale for yesterday but it was an awesome looking one!

Tbh is 4/10 Frostwing Dragonkin Paladin was picked up for 220 ADA!

Absolutely love the aesthetics on this guy and a great one for the collection for sure!

For all the latest sales check this link and scroll down to the complete sales ledger -

CNFT: The GMA floor is 100 ADA which is a 4/10 Elf Mage. The perfect GMA price is 700 ADA which is a Human Fighter.

NFTJam: The GMA floor is 90 ADA which is a 4/10 Bard The perfect GMA price is 690 for a Human Knight.

JPGStore: Human Druid, 700 ADA for a perfect GMA




GMA Floor - 99 ADA

Perfect GMA Floor Price - 700 ADA

Lars Floor Price - 180 ADA

Orb Floor Price - 45 ADA

Maiden Floor Price - 44 ADA

Wall Torch - 19 ADA


GMA Floor - 90 ADA

Perfect GMA Floor Price - 699 ADA


GMA - 90 ADA



Discord Update - 5176/5000

Facebook Update - 94/500

Twitter Followers - 8298/10,000



1, Vimtyr 65

2, Musroom Mage 57

3, Saphst4r 52

4, Vpr 48

5, Terrorhertz 47

Catch you all soon!

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