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Drunken Dragon Daily Monday 8th November

Heres todays news updates with the Drunken Dragon Daily for Monday 8th November 2021.

Exodus Gear has further worked on his tavern ADA globe concept and made some great progress! He has added more textured items into the tavern itself, added particle systems and more and it’s looking great! A guide on how to use the globe is available in the discord but he’s happy for you to reach out should you have any questions regarding the project.

You can follow the progress of his work here and here’s a sneak peek below -

Sundae Swap announced an integration with the Yoroi wallet. You can find out more about that here - as well as Ergodex launching on Ergo chain today that has used the yoroi dapp connector and looks to launch on Cardano in the next few weeks.

Only one GMA sale so far today with no grandstand pickups yesterday but it was this awesome looking Warlock with some solid stats! -

The GMA floor still has dropped slightly to 80 ADA with the Perfect GMA still sitting at 599 ADA with a continued stock of perfects sitting at 600 if you wanted to grab one!

Spoiler, it looks like this perfect Elf Paladin has a Buy Now of 420 ADA and you can send an offer to anyone that wants to pick up a cheap deal -

Tavern maiden floor price is sitting pretty at 45 ADA. The Lars floor is currently 190 but there are a couple of auctions way below that price and big congrats to Saphst4r who managed to snag a Lars at a bargain of 125 ADA!

So, onto the stats…



GMA Floor - 80

Perfect GMA Floor Price - 599 (Auction Lower)

Lars Floor Price - 190

Orb Floor Price - 60 (Auction Lower)

Maiden Floor Price - 45



Discord Update - 4338/5000

Facebook Update - 77/500

Twitter Followers - 7346/10000



1, Mushroom Mage 54

2, Vimtyr 51

3, Saphst4r 50

4, Terrorhertz 39

5, Jovee 39

Thanks all for reading and see you all tomorrow!


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