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Drunken Dragon Daily - New Years Eve 2021

Happy New Year’s Eve to you all!

I’m taking today to deviate a bit from the regular format of the Drunken Dragon Daily as we reach the end of a momentous year. Let’s take a little journey over the last 4 months of the Herald….

My voyage here started in September. A friend from work who enjoys the ETH NFT market was explaining NFTs to me. I had about $1000 worth of crypto in multiple currencies and wanted to buy an NFT. The explanation of gas fees annoyed me, so he suggested using a Cardano market place where the fees are significantly lower. I had a fair amount of ADA in Coinbase so I ventured to CNFT and the first NFT I saw in the list at the bottom was an Orc Hunter from Drunken Dragon games. The art spoke to me instantly based on my passion for RPG’s. World of Warcraft, EverQuest, The Final Fantasy series and so on that I have sunk several thousand hours into during the last 15-20 years. I decided to buy it and felt super jubilant about getting my first ever NFT.

I took it upon myself to research this NFT a bit more. What will it be used for? What others exist from the project? What is the Drunken Dragon? and I joined the Discord channel on the 10th of September looking for answers. The community was so easy to talk with and seemed to share similar interests to mine, alongside loads of super unique people from all over the world and it really spoke to me so I ended up coming by and chatting Daily. I even messaged the Drunken Dragon Twitter asking if they needed any music as I made ambient quest style music in genre of “dungeon synth” which I had taken up after a long hiatus from making music.

Fast forward a few weeks, all that extra crypto I have was converted into ADA and I started to assemble some Grandmaster Adventurers. I was in the pub with one of my best friends who also enjoys NFTs and Crypto and we both sat excitedly opening some pixel tile packs as we waited for our pints and I was talking to him about the prospects and future of the project. Coming by the Discord was a nice place for me to venture, chatting to real people about things we are all passionate about and to that end, I started to do a little daily news round up for the community which went down a storm. This started as a written text piece, then onto an infographic and is now what it is here! This coincided with my passion for live streaming and content creating. I had streamed my games on Twitch semi full time from 2013 - 2018 under the pseudonym “Terrorhertz” starting with the game DayZ and made content on YouTube too with DayZ, Twitch guides and other games of which I had moderate success. I used to have 20-50 viewers each stream and had 6000 subscribers and nearly 1 million views on my YouTube channel however with a house move, my wedding and the arrival of my daughter in 2018 this had to take a back seat as my time was dedicated to my family.

This is what led me to doing the Herald! I was given this title amongst the Devs and the community due to my passion for creating things and my love of interacting with the community. After posting inside my Herald Discord channel each day with the news, doing weekly live streams on my YouTube channel about the project and making some informational videos I decided to put all my content on this website, The Drunken Herald, the home of the community for Drunken Dragon games. This, alongside tonnes of guides, useful info from the project and anything helpful would be the forefront of the website and with a little help we implemented a sales tracker among many other cool features. I actually still use this sales tracker every day when writing up the news!

I was then invited to be part of the dev stream in October, to represent and communicate openly with the community and I was honoured to be there with the devs discussing the project. I had already interviewed Vledic about the project previously and felt super comfortable being open and honest and talking with everyone. In early November this led to Vledic asking me to be Head Innkeeper and Community manager, a role I hadn’t even considered previously but it all totally made sense the minute it was presented to me and I happily accepted.

Since taking the role I have done everything I can to be the best middle man between the Devs and the community as well as being the best representative of you all. I will always thrive to make this and awesome place to be a part of, include everyone, and make our community a super relaxed and fun place to exist whilst sharing a wealth of information with you all to make it a place to learn too. I’ve amassed my GMA army and got a good selection of pixel tiles in my inn and I’m super excited to see where we are this time next year.

In the next 6 months we plan more community events and giveaways alongside constant communication with you all from the dev team as we look to build on inns and implement improvements to inns based on our ideas as well as your feedback and we will have you along for the ride. We are looking to create an epic universe that can be enjoyed by everyone and for it to be a fun place that people want to be and with that we need a super community of which you are all a part of.

As we approach the end of the year, 2021, I just wanted to express a huge thanks to everyone in the Drunken Dragon Community. Vledic for believing in my vision and listening to me ramble on all the time (sorry I talk a lot) The fellow Innkeepers for supporting me and carrying out daily hard work. The Devs for being super open and providing me cool things to show you all. All our artists for their continued super high quality work and lastly you, who is reading this, thank you for spending your time at the Drunken Dragon and reading the things I post here, watching my content and streams on YouTube and generally chatting with me in the Discord. Its super important to me that you all have a great journey here and as you know my DM’s are always open if you ever need anything.

Here is to a great and prosperous new year to you all and to the future of Drunken Dragon Games!

Happy New Year!


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