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Drunken Dragon Daily Saturday 11th December

Hey all!

Welcome to the weekend! Hope you have lots of fun and adventure planned?

The Tokenref website now includes NFTJam data which is a great addition, as does the community website sales data.

The features of our Community website are back online. There was just a few issues with some API’s that have been addressed. We plan on upgrading and adding some new content to the website this week. Will update you all when this has been done.

We have 9 submissions now for the creative writing contest with only 6 more days to get your entry in! All the details for the event is in the events channel on the Discord.

A chance for me to show off my collections after a few new pickups. I have finally amassed my 10 man GMA squad, One of each class with a nice mix of races. Really happy with my little crew :)

You can see my squad here -


Theres only been 2 sales today which are these two at 75 and 80, a pair of elves with a cleric and knight.

Yesterday there was a few more sales with this being my highlight. A super looking 6/10 Paladin for only 68 ADA! A bargain if you ask me

The biggest sale of the day was this awesome 8/10 Vulkin Druid

CNFT: The GMA floor has lowered by 15 to 65 ADA and there are loads under 80! The Perfect GMA prices can be seen below.

NFTJam: The GMA floor has lowered to 65 ADA which is still a human paladin! The Perfect GMA prices can be seen below.

Tavern maiden floor remains at 45 with the latest sale also being 50 and there is one also at 49! The Lars floor sits at 155, 5 up on yesterday with 5 available under 200 ADA. The current Orb floor is 49 which it has been for a few days with the latest sale at 53 from over a week ago! Our floor torch was 30 ADA yesterday and has dropped slightly to 28 today.



GMA Floor - 65 ADA

Perfect GMA Floor Price - 650 ADA

Lars Floor Price - 155 ADA

Orb Floor Price - 49 ADA

Maiden Floor Price - 45 ADA

Wall Torch - 28 ADA


GMA Floor - 69 ADA

Perfect GMA Floor Price - 650 ADA



Discord Update - 4444/5000

Facebook Update - 87/500

Twitter Followers - 7604/10,000



1, Mushroom Mage 56

2, Vimtyr 55

3, Saphst4r 51

4, vpr 43

5, Terrorhertz 42

Catch you all soon!


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