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Drunken Dragon Daily Saturday 13th November

Here’s todays news report with the Drunken Dragon Daily for Saturday 13th November!

Welcome to a further influx of new members to the Discord! Please remember to hit up the drunken herald website (you’re here now) for tonnes of information about drunken dragon games. Of course if you require any specific questions being answered then use the Q&A section of the Discord.

Starting with some community news. The wonderful ExodusGear has set a Mint date for his ADA globes that feature items from the Drunken Dragon. The drop date is set for 12/4 Noon Central Timezone and you can learn more by joining the Discord here -


We’re nearly at 4500 members on the Discord. Remember to get your invites in to help get the channel to 5000 members and be in with a chance of winning the pixel tiles and GMA’s from the giveaway! More information in the events channel on the Discord.


This great looking near perfect Tiefling Knight was picked up for 260 ADA -

This nice stats troll was picked up late yesterday evening for 180 ADA and looks awesome -

The GMA floor is still up from a low of 65 a couple of days ago and now sits at 75 with a Perfect GMA having a starting price of 520 ADA. There’s still some perfects sitting at 600 and ongoing auctions if you wanted to grab one!

Tavern maiden floor has lowered slightly to 42 ADA but there are a good supply for just under 50 ADA. The Lars floor is still 169 with only one other under the 200 ada mark and no current auctions ongoing.




GMA Floor - 80

Perfect GMA Floor Price - 520 (Auction Lower)

Lars Floor Price - 169

Orb Floor Price - 54 (Auction Lower)

Maiden Floor Price - 42



Discord Update - 4487/5000

Facebook Update - 79/500

Twitter Followers - 7444/10000



1, Mushroom Mage 56

2, Vimtyr 52

3, Saphst4r 50

4, Jovee 40

5, Terrorhertz 39

Thanks all for reading and see you all tomorrow!


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