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Drunken Dragon Daily Saturday 6th November

Hey all! Lots of news for todays Drunken Dragon Daily for Friday 6th November -

I had a little community stream yesterday afternoon where I revealed another little leak of some art work. The time stamp is in the description and you can re watch the whole stream here -

I updated the community website to include some popular sales data. This can be accessed on the banner towards the bottom of the main home page. Hopefully some of you find this helpful! Work is constantly ongoing to add content and improve the site so any feedback please DM me at any time -

Tokenref isn’t populating any of the live sales data from the past 24-48 hours at the moment and I’ve contacted the site to make them aware. They have replied with

“Yes, CNFT have changed their API yet again.

Data should be coming through again shortly. Thanks for letting me know :)”

So hopefully it shouldn’t be down much longer.

Auctions are now live on with the option to add a reserve. A great addition in my opinion as CNFT looks to be the biggest cardano NFT market place. The site is now running better on mobile also. Let’s hope these updates continue.

This perfect 4/6 Human fighter sold for 550 ADA earlier today -

Alongside this awesome 9/10 Worgen which I think is a steal at 235 ADA -

The GMA floor still sits at a steady 85 with the Perfect GMA still sitting at 650 ADA. Tavern maiden floor price is sitting pretty at 50 ADA. The Lars floor is currently 190 but there are a couple of auctions way below that price.

So, onto the stats…



GMA Floor - 85

Perfect GMA Floor Price - 650 (Auction Lower)

Lars Floor Price - 190

Orb Floor Price - 54 (Auction Lower)

Maiden Floor Price - 50



Discord Update - 4324/5000

Facebook Update - 77/500

Twitter Followers - 7321/10000



1, Mushroom Mage 54

2, Vimtyr 51

3, Saphst4r 49

4, Terrorhertz 38

5, Jovee 38

Thanks all for reading and see you all tomorrow!


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