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Drunken Dragon Daily Sunday 23rd January

Hey adventurers!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend?

We have even another Reddit post about the project that has got some great traction on the r/ cardanoNFTs so go and give it an up vote and have a good read.

We got to see some super cool insight behind the project as the team released a Miro board preview of the next line of Collectables. You can see the image below for the incredible depth to the process.

You can also read more about it here -

Only 4 days now until the next Dev Blog, the first since the alpha release. We’re looking forward to seeing you all at 8pm UTC on Thursday 27th of January :)


The 8/10 shadow elf fighter sold for the starting price of 100 ADA. Congrats to Maynard who picked that up! The “Apex Predators” and “power rangers” ended unsold.



3 sales already from today! A nice 8/10 Bard, 8/10 troll and a 5/10 Knight all selling! You can find more information about these sales below!

For all the latest sales check this link and scroll down to the complete sales ledger -

CNFT: The GMA floor is 65 ADA which is a Human Knight. The perfect GMA price is 700 ADA which is a Human Fighter.

NFTJam: The GMA floor is 60 ADA which is a Human Rogue. The perfect GMA price is 685 ADA for a Human Fighter.

JPGStore: Human Druid, 700 ADA for a perfect GMA




GMA Floor - 62 ADA

Perfect GMA Floor Price - 700 ADA

Lars Floor Price - 150 ADA

Orb Floor Price - 44 ADA

Maiden Floor Price - 35 ADA

Wall Torch - 17 ADA


GMA Floor - 60 ADA

Perfect GMA Floor Price - 695 ADA



Discord Update - 4970/5000

Facebook Update - 89/500

Twitter Followers - 8027/10,000



1, Vimtyr 61

2, Musroom Mage 56

3, Saphst4r 52

4, Vpr 46

5, Terrorhertz 46

Catch you all soon!

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