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Drunken Dragon Daily Sunday 2nd January

Hey all

Hope you all had fantastic New Years celebrations!

The team are returning to work this week as they look to progress Inns and work on the season two of the Drunken Dragon Collectables. The issues with the errors in wallet address are being worked on and you should now be able to load the game with no pixel tiles and still be able to use tiles provided for free.

We have secured a static URL for our YouTube channel and can now be found at

Please make sure you have filled in our community questionnaire as we are planning to end this very soon. You will be in with the chance to win a pixel tile as well as also provide valuable feedback to the team

You can find the questionnaire here -

There are still multiple auctions happing in the auction channel on the Discord so make sure you’re checking that out if you want a decent squad!


3 sales from today so let's have a look at them.

Firstly, this 8/10 female Human Fighter sold for just 89 ADA. A great pickup!

Next, this was a BIG bargain! Perfect Shadow Elf fighter for 200 ADA! An absolute steal!

and last but by no means least, this Worgenkin Paladin 8/10 for 150 ADA is probably my highlight! Looks insane!

There was only one sale yesterday with this Tiefling Rogue selling for 69 ADA.

For all the latest sales check this link and scroll down to the complete sales ledger.

CNFT: The GMA floor on CNFT currently sits at 67 ADA, which is a nice Shadow Elf Cleric and there are loads available at under 80! The Perfect GMA price is 600 ADA for an Elf Warlock.

NFTJam: The GMA floor is 75 ADA which is a Human Ranger with multiple GMAs being 75 ADA. The perfect GMA price is 750 ADA for a Human fighter.

The CNFT API is currently down so I'm unable to gain accurate pricing for specific tiles. Hopefully will be back in time for tomorrows Daily


FLOOR PRICES CNFT - Price data from 31/12/21


GMA Floor - 68 ADA

Perfect GMA Floor Price - 549 ADA

Lars Floor Price - 210 ADA

Orb Floor Price - 47 ADA

Maiden Floor Price - 47 ADA

Wall Torch - 19 ADA

FLOOR PRICES NFTJAM - Price data from 31/12/21

GMA Floor - 75 ADA

Perfect GMA Floor Price - 750 ADA



Discord Update - 4890/5000

Facebook Update - 89/500

Twitter Followers - 7921/10,000



1, Vimtyr 57

2, Musroom Mage 56

3, Saphst4r 51

4, Terrorhertz 45

5, vpr 45

Catch you all soon!


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