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Drunken Dragon Daily Sunday 9th January

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

Hey all!

Super busy day for me today as I have tonnes on at work so will be a short new day but still some cool things to cover!

Good news! I’m getting my new Macbook Pro 16” tomorrow so my content creation will hopefully take an upturn in quality and delivery! We have some plans behind the scenes for new content so stay tuned on my YouTube channel as well as the official Drunken Dragon channel!

The Drunken Dragon Offical Website has had a complete makeover! go and check it out now and give Vledic your feedback on the Discord channel!

I’m planning another live stream this week where I will be playing the game and discussing it with you all. I will communicate when this will be soon as well as when the next dev blog will be! Our first dev blog after the Alpha is gonna be super exciting I promise!

Thats all for today folks! For the latest sales and current floor prices then please check out the links below!

See you all tomorrow!


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