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Drunken Dragon Daily Thursday 23rd December

Good morning all!

It's great to see some of the Tavern showcases in the Discord! Let's keep them coming the team is loving all of the cool concepts you have!

The Drunken Herald website has undergone some big tweaks and updates from the homepage to the back end. Hope you like them! The website should look and run a bit better for for you all. Check out the Homepage now and have a look around! Added a shoutout to those that have supported my work in the "Toss a Coin" page so thanks to all who read this and those that have supported the Herald!

As confirmed in a Tweet yesterday. The Dev team will begin working on including Grandmaster Adventurers into our inns in January. Super exciting as this is a commonly asked for feature!

NFTJam have made an awesome update to their website which shows a live sales tracker!

If you haven’t downloaded it yet or are having any trouble installing/running the Inns Alpha then there is a “getting started” PDF in the header of this web page that offers lots of advice should you encounter any issues. This will be updated regularly as we see any occurring trends. Work is constantly ongoing to make the game more stable and enjoyable for you all!

Our next community was announced yesterday and it’s time to get creative! We’re running an art contest based around your inn with some awesome prizes! Go and check the events channel in the Discord for all of the requirements to enter.

The Dev team are aware of all the bugs and feedback you're creating with the bug report channel so a huge thanks for adding anything into here which proves valuable. Keep the feedback coming!


Only one sale from today, 23rd December and it is this awesome glass cannon Human Knight!

We have an Undead Warlock going for auction in the Discord channel. Go and check the auctions channel to put an offer in on this super rare and awesome looking GMA!

For all the latest sales check this link and scroll down to the complete sales ledger.

CNFT: The GMA floor on CNFT currently sites at 68 ADA, 8 more than yesterday and there are loads available at under 80! The Perfect GMA price is 549 for a super looking Elf Rogue.

NFTJam: The GMA floor has raised to 75 ADA which is a Human Knight, this is 15 up on yesterday and the Perfect GMA price is 750 ADA for a Human Fighter.

Tavern maiden floor has lowered 2 to 48 ADA with the latest sale being 64 from earlier today! The Lars floor remains at 220 ADA with the latest sale also being for 220 ADA. The last 5 sales have been over 189! The current Orb floor is 47 with the latest sale being 48, the same it was has been this week. Our floor torch is 19 ADA, the same as yesterday with the latest sale being also 18 ADA.




GMA Floor - 68 ADA

Perfect GMA Floor Price - 549 ADA

Lars Floor Price - 220 ADA

Orb Floor Price - 48 ADA

Maiden Floor Price - 48 ADA

Wall Torch - 19 ADA


GMA Floor - 75 ADA

Perfect GMA Floor Price - 750 ADA



Discord Update - 4926/5000

Facebook Update - 89/500

Twitter Followers - 7910/10,000



1, Mushroom Mage 56

2, Vimtyr 56

3, Saphst4r 51

4, vpr 44

5, Terrorhertz 44

Catch you all soon!


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