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Drunken Dragon Sales Report 25th May

Apologies for not being able to release the Weekly Sales Report until yesterday as I had a family emergency to attend to. Running on about 15 hrs of sleep since Sunday afternoon!

I do hope everyone is enjoying the quests and the place-able tavern as we work our way closer to the mainnet release! I have seen some helpful ideas in the suggestions channel and I'm sure Vledic is doing his best as always to implement what is needed to have the best version available upon the mainnet release!

Please continue to report any issues, bugs or epic ideas in the #suggestions channel to help Vledic weed out any issues we may still have.

Ongoing Live Mint Collections


There are still plenty of Drunken Dragon Slimes as well as S2 Adventurers of Thiolden available to mint! Follow the links below to mint yours today!



Daily listings are always being put on the markets. This is a great way to show the community directly what adventurers you have available on top of the JPG website as well as being able to get to know the community better!

Did you know that we have live current listings, sales and offers posted directly into our Discord? Check out the Sales-bot, Offers-bot and Listings-bot channels to keep up to date on GMA, Pixel Tile and Adventure of Thiolden listings for JPG Store.



Tip - No matter the journey, be the one who makes it an epic journey!

Policy ID #'s


I will leave the Policy ID's here for the community to have a quick reference to confirm they are purchasing a legit Drunken Dragons Entertainment NFT from the market places.

GMA Policy ID# 95d9a98c2f7999a3d5e0f4d795cb1333837c09eb0f24835cd2ce954c

Adventurers of Thiolden Policy ID# 702cbdb06a81ef2fa4f85f9e32159c03f502539d762a71194fc11eb3

Pixel Tiles Policy ID# f4988f549728dc76b58d7677849443caf6e5385dc67e6c25f6aa901e

Drunken Dragon Slimes Policy ID# 3d6728d7aab67c69bad58ea781154e2d247dfaa690846fdee061f964



Comparing the Cardano price to last week, we have fallen from 0.3741 USD down to 0.3556 USD this week. We have seen quite a few great Cardano related news releases this week as well as the recent release of the Snek meme coin. It has surprisingly climbed it's way to being one of the most valuable tokens on the Cardano Network!

Discord Channels


Remember to make sure you check out the channels in the Discord. If you are unsure where to find the information for a specific topic, don't be afraid to ask the community. We will help you find what you are looking for!

We have recently added the # beginners-guide in the information section of the Discord channels.

These channels are updated frequently to ensure the most recent content and information is up to date.

The Quest board is still available for those who want to work on the previously listed projects, but all submissions are closed until further notice. We will announce when these have opened again!



A friendly reminder that the #MarketDeals can be found on the reports page on this website. It can also be found in the daily deals ( market deals ) section of the discord chat as well as on our official Facebook page!

Make sure to check these out for the recommended deal that day!

I still handle all valuations in the valuations channel in the Discord too using all the market knowledge available. You can also DM myself @Baker440 and I will get back to you asap. These valuations are based on recent sales and current market listings as well as rarity.

Don't be afraid to ask to have your entire wallet valuated (which a few members have done).



We had 6 Adventurers of Thiolden sales on the market this past week. An increase of 1 when compared to the previous week!

Surprisingly, we have not see any GMA sales since last Tuesday. A decrease of 6 sales in comparison to last week.


We start our weekly sales off with this Bronze Tier, 9 Aps Marendil #23276. This adventurer was picked up for just 8 ada.

Our next S2 sale was a Bronze Tier, 9 Aps Gadrull. This adventurer sold for 9 ada!

There was also this nice Silver Tier, 10 Aps Ulf #316 which was sold for only 12 ada.




The biggest sale for the Adventurers of Thiolden collection was this epic Bronze Tier, 7 Aps Chroma Astrid Wintermane #5009. This awesome adventurer was bought 5 hours ago for only 8 ada! An incredible deal!



We encourage using the current marketplaces to list and sell your GMA's to others. Stay in communication throughout the listing and transactions to ensure the deal has gone through successfully.

Trading through the marketplaces also helps with royalties for the project to ensure proper funding for current and upcoming projects!



There are always great listings within our Discord sell pages. I highly recommend browsing through all the listings and seeing what deals are available. There are definitely A LOT available.



JPG Store GMA Perfect - 300

JPG Store GMA Floor - 24

POPULAR PIXEL TILE AVERAGE PRICES PAST WEEK _________________________________________

Lars Floor Price - 99 ADA (up from 82 ada) Available on JPGStore

Orb Floor Price - 22 ADA (same as last week) Available on JPGStore

Maiden Floor Price - 21 ADA (same as last week) Available on JPGStore

Wall Torch - 19 ADA (same as last week) Available on JPGStore ** Only 4 available **

Thank you everyone and see you next week for another Weekly Sales Report!


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