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Drunken Dragon Sales Report 2nd November

Welcome back for another weekly sales report!

It appears as though the market is starting to slowly pickup again. Some very nice buys have happened in the past short while!

If you need help with finding a deal on Wednesdays, feel free to message myself @Baker440 in the Discord or send a message in the #Valuations channel and I'll get back to you as soon as possible!



Lots of new listings in the buy, sell and trade channels within the Discord this past week. Go check them out if you have time! There is currently nothing planned for updates within the sales section of the Discord. If you have some thoughts or ideas, we would love to hear them!



Tip - Sometimes being patient when the listings on the market aren't quite what your looking for pays off.



Checking the Cardano price chart over the past weeks shows that the market is still volatile and we are still within the Bear Market. I believe once we see more Cardano game projects start to launch their Beta, we should see an increase in the pricing. It will also depend where BTC ends up as well.

Remember to make sure you check out the channels in the Discord. If you are unsure where to find the information for a specific topic, don't be afraid to ask the community. We will help you find what you are looking for!

These channels are updated frequently to ensure the most recent content and information is up to date. The most recent add was the Twitter channel.

Looking to get involved with the project as well as the community at the same time? Take a look in our "Questing" section of the Discord. There are currently a few community projects that are listed and will be rewarded DS if approved after they have been submitted!



A friendly reminder that the #DailyDeals can be found on the reports page on this website. It can also be found in the daily deals section of the discord chat as well as on our official Facebook page!

Make sure to check these out each day for the recommended deal!

I still handle all valuations in the valuations channel in the Discord too using all the market knowledge available. You can also DM myself @Baker440 and I will get back to you asap.

Valuations for the S2 collections are available now that more have been released and the market is not as volatile. They will not however be as small of a margin in price ranges for most cases like the GMA collection listings are.

Don't be afraid to ask to have your entire wallet valuated (which a few members have).



We have seen quite a few great deals happen over the past week! Let's take a look at some of the better ones!


The first sale we see was this crazy low priced 14 Aps Friga #1076 that sold for only 14 ada!

The next listing was a 13 Aps Tyr #23328 that sold for 65 ada! Not many of these have sold for under 100 ada. Regardless of the Aps total.

We also seen a 22 Aps Perneli #8533 sell for just 18 ada! Insane!


The first GMA sale we look at today is this 8\10 stat Elf Rogue. This adventurer sold for 99 ada.

We seen a nice 5/10 stat Vulkin Warlock sell for 140 ada.

There was also a 5/10 Orc Rogue that was sold for only 120 ada! What a steal!




Our biggest S2 Adventurer sale of the week was this 30 Aps Aki #14568 that sold for 110 ada! A great steal price.


The bigest GMA adventurer sale we seen over the past week was this perfect, 10/10 Elf Bard which was sold for a remarkably low 390 ada!



We have decided to remove our Auction channel from the Market channels as it has not been used in quite a while. We do encourage using the current marketplaces to list and sell your GMA's to others. Stay in communication throughout the listing and transactions to ensure the deal has gone through successfully.

Trading through the marketplaces also helps with royalties for the project to ensure proper funding for current and upcoming projects!



Once again there have been many great sell listings that have been added to the # Sell-ddu channel this past week I simply cannot post them all. I highly recommend browsing through all the listings and seeing what deals are available. There are definitely A LOT available. Including some of my own!

There are also MANY listings that have been put on the # Buy-ddu as well as the # Trade-ddu channels that I will also recommend checking out. Someone maybe looking for a specific one you may own!



NFTJam GMA Perfect - 600

NFTJam GMA Floor - 60

JPG Store GMA Perfect - 450

JPG Store GMA Floor - 50

POPULAR PIXEL TILE AVERAGE PRICES PAST WEEK _________________________________________

Lars Floor Price - 115 ADA (down from 120) Available on JPGStore

Orb Floor Price - 38 ADA (down from 39) Available on JPGStore

Maiden Floor Price - 21 ADA (same as last week) Available on JPGStore

Wall Torch - 19 ADA (same as last week) Available on JPGStore

Thank you everyone and see you next week!


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