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Drunken Dragon Daily Wednesday 2nd February

Good morning adventurers!

Working on my little cubby with my uncle today so hopefully my setup gets back up and running sooner that than later! It's now all boxed in and then the decorating begins! This is where my PC/Setup will live once I've found a desk and done lots of clearing and decorating! It's coming along though!

As shared on Twitter and in the daily sneak peeks channel you can see the workings on the mage GMA in the game!

NFTJam are running a contest over on their twitter. You can check out the details below and in their Twitter here -

I have now collated all the addresses of the winners of all the recent contests and the prizes will go out soon! I'll communicate this out as soon as it's sent but bear with me as my Daedalus is being a pain!

There are lots of great deals to be had in the sell channel of the Discord so if you’re looking to get some new Pixel Tiles or Grandmaster Adventurers then head there!

We fixed the latest sales price data on the pixel tile tracker and the historical sales data is now track again!


There are currently no ongoing auctions. If you would like to start one then please contact Quantum by using the auction request channel in the Discord.



There was no sales from yesterday and on the 31st? Is it the network having congestion or simply no sales? Maybe the API is busted but I haven't seen any sales reports n the Discord since this perfect fighter sold.

Edit: Seems like some sales have gone through according to Open CNFT. You can find the sales here -

For all the latest sales check this link and scroll down to the complete sales ledger -

CNFT: The GMA floor is 100 ADA which is a Shadow Elf Knight. The perfect GMA price is 700 ADA which is a Human Fighter.

NFTJam: The GMA floor is 90 ADA which is a Tiefling Bard. The perfect GMA price is 690 for a Human Knight.

JPGStore: 700 ADA for a perfect Human Bard




GMA Floor - 100 ADA

Perfect GMA Floor Price - 700 ADA

Lars Floor Price - 180 ADA

Orb Floor Price - 45 ADA

Maiden Floor Price - 44 ADA

Wall Torch - 19 ADA


GMA Floor - 90 ADA

Perfect GMA Floor Price - 690 ADA


GMA - 90 ADA



Discord Update - 5164/5000

Facebook Update - 94/500

Twitter Followers - 8300/10,000



1, Vimtyr 65

2, Musroom Mage 57

3, Saphst4r 52

4, Vpr 48

5, Terrorhertz 47

Catch you all soon!

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