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Drunken Dragon Weekly Monday 28th November

Hello all!

Hope everyone is enjoying the World Cup? There's been some great games so far! I'm always happy to chat football (soccer) in the general chat so head there and let's chat about the games!

Vledic has asked myself and Vimtyr to be the mouthpiece of the dev team for a period as he will be buckling down with some hardcore coding sessions in these coming weeks and we will be communicating the news to you each Friday with a round up in the community news every Monday as usual so check out the new channel each Friday for that.

We still have no ETA on Idle Adventures or the DDU App but Vledic has explained that he is working on the coding as we speak and with some hard work should be in a usable state some time soon.

Before then of course, Vimtyr and Vledic have worked super hard on the slime collection that will be minted using our token Dragon Silver. We have an ETA of 1-2 weeks to have these ready as most of the metadata/rarity charts/art has been confirmed and we're just setting up the last few things to get it ready for public release. These will be able to be minted via the official Drunken Dragon website too and you can preview the slimes in the image below.

Vimtyr is currently working on an awesome mini game based around these slime NFT's and he's using Unity to get it coded so should you have any expertise in this field then send him a DM and if possible offer some assistance. He released a nice progress update in the general tavern which you can see in the video below. There will be a more formal plan coming soon it's shaping up super nicely!

The rewards for our latest quests have been issued and the Quest Board updated! Make sure to check out the channel to find some new quests added to the log! Make sure to let an Innkeeper know if you have fulfilled any quests!

Remember you are eligible to earn passive Hexonium rewards by signing up with Cardano Lands! For more information check out their website.

Josh Baker aka Baker440 is still holding it down with his daily deals and has been writing up the weekly news report for the past couple of months in the reports section of this website! Make sure to check these out each day for his recommended deal! He’s also handling all valuations in the valuations channel too using all his market knowledge 🤝🏻 The floor for Grandmaster Adventurers has dropped to 30 ADA which is its lowest in a long time so now is a great time to get yourself a squad ready for when Idles drops! You can check the latest sales on the home page of this website or use the handy Sales Matrix on the homepage that shows all the currently up for same GMA's with some super useful filters! SOCIAL MEDIA STATISTICS —————————————————— Discord Members - 5598 Facebook Followers - 26 Twitter Followers - 9611 Instagram Followers - 160 YouTube Subscribers - 682 YouTube Total Views - 29,600+ DISCORD CHAT LEADERBOARD ——————————————————

Thats all for this week! have a great week! See you on Wednesday with Baker who is looking at the market from the past 7 days! Terrorhertz

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