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Drunken Dragon Weekly Sales 20th April

Updated: May 4, 2022

Hey everyone!

Here is todays weekly sales report for the last 7 days! I wrote, organised and uploaded this all from the hospital on my iPhone so if it’s a bit whiff then apologies ✌🏼

Although….I minted a new 2/2 rare one yesterday but there’s no amount of ADA that would make me put her on the market place ;)

I reached out to the Tokenref guys again who had a response for me regarding the relaunch of the site! See the tweet below for a little update! Hopefully not waiting too much longer 🤞🏼

Thanks to Josh holding it down on the Drunken Dragon Facebook with some great sales info! Make sure you’re following there as he’s always scouting for deals!



There are lots of sales of GMAs recently as the floor has seen a slight dip to the mid 40s however there have been some awesome sales this past week so let’s have a look at them!

100 ADA For a 6/10 frosty dragon is a great deal!

A 7/10 Vulkin for just 88 ADA? Now that is just offensive! What a pickup!

And 133 ADA for this really high rarity 2/10 Orc! Another steal!



This 4/10 Undead Warlock sold for just shy of 1000 ADA! An awesome pickup at 87/10000 rarity!


There are currently no ongoing auctions. If you would like to start one then please contact Quantum by using the auction request channel in the Discord.




If you’re looking for GMA’s and Pixel Tiles then please use the sell channel in the discord. There are plenty of great items to pickup here from trusted community members or please ask for an escrow service should you need one.

there are lots more for sale but the Wix app is resteicting me from uploading images from mobile 😔

Join the Discord (link on the home page of this website) and check out the sell channel for more awesome deals!



NFTJam GMA Perfect - 650

NFTJam GMA Floor - 73

CNFT GMA Perfect - 850

CNFT GMA Floor - 76

JPG Store GMA Perfect - 333

JPG Store GMA Floor - 48



Lars Floor Price - 185 ADA (3 sold for 120 ADA recently)

Orb Floor Price - 45 ADA

Maidenw Floor Price - 40 ADA

Wall Torch - 0 ADA (None for sale)

Thanks all and see you next week!


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