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Drunken Dragon Weekly Monday 18th July

Hey everyone!

Firstly, Welcome to all the new patrons that have joined us from JPG Store as a result of the delayed mint! There's lots of great resources here on the website and if you have any questions then ask us in the general chat of the Discord. We released the Alpha of the Idle Adventurers game which you can try out by clicking this link. We also released the season 2 web app (Which works great on mobile too) which you can check out here.

A huge rollercoaster of a week at the Drunken Dragon! But one that appears to have created a hugely positive sentiment from the community. The mint that was penned in for Saturday but was delayed due to the backend at JPG store not being ready to mint the volume of our Thildean adventurers. You can find out more info on the post from Vledic below.

Both giveaways from our Twitter and Instagram ended this week. Congratulations to all the winners! If your name is on the list and you haven't reached out then please get in touch. Thanks to Vimtyr for his dedication with the daily giveaways!

Also big thanks to Lillemina for hosting our tavern nights quiz yesterday evening. See below for the results.

Vedic recently joined Pete from the Learn Cardano Chanel for a chat about the project. You can catch the video below!

Josh Baker aka Baker440 is still smashing it with his daily deals which can be found on the reports page on this website and in the daily deals section of the discord chat! Josh is also handling all valuations in the valuations channel too using all his market knowledge!

Check out some of the awesome GMA's Selling in our Discord Sell Channel.

SOCIAL MEDIA STATISTICS —————————————————— Discord Members - 5448 Facebook Followers - 28

Instagram Followers - 132 Twitter Followers - 9099 YouTube Subscribers - 624 YouTube Total Views - 25,000+ DISCORD CHAT LEADERBOARD ——————————————————

Thats all for this week folks! Should you have any suggestions for reoccurring themes in these weekly reviews then please let me know in Discord DMs. Anyways, have a great week! See you on Wednesday with Josh who is looking at some interesting weekly sales! Terrorhertz

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