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Drunken Dragon Weekly Monday 20th February

Well met Adventurers of the Drunken Dragon!

The weather is improving here and the work on Idle Adventures is also heating up with some immense progress being made this week as the Council test the game it its Alpha form. We expect another dev update from Vledic later today!

We saw some some big UI additions and improvements as well as the first implementation of the IV/EV system which the team has been working hard to get balanced. The inventory was redesigned as well as an addition of the adventurer splash arts which was necessary for the incoming levelling system. Check some of the screenshots below to see the progression of the game.

As you can see in the images there's been some super hard work and lots of testing from the Council. There will likely be public beta coming in the future but with no date confirmed just yet.

You may have seen Kilia the Bard making an appearance in the General Tavern. This bot is linked to the back end of the Idle Adventures game and reports changes in the leaderboard for completed quests in Idle as well as when someone has successfully completed a quest. This will allow the integration of Leaderboards into Discord which should give some great competition in the future after the release of Idle for the patrons of the Drunken Dragon.

Myself and the crafters team have been actively writing more quests that fit into the lore of Thiolden and some have already been written into the beta of the game. Should you wish to contribute any cool quests then please let me know so that we can get you into the crafters guild to help us with new quests! There has also been lots of work generally with the contributions to the lore and its structure with our repo on the back end.

F3rraz has been working super hard on the comic with it all coming together nicely these recent weeks. We are now into adding the story and text stages being implemented. Can you guess who features by this little sneak peek below?

With the upcoming release of Idle Adventures you will be able to earn dragon silver which can be used to purchase DDU items. One of these is the slime collection and we have a small guide showing you how to do that below!

We saw some great sales of Drunken Dragon Adventurers from the Thiolden and the Grandmaster Adventurers collection this past week and Baker covers them each week in his latest sales report. Make sure to check the Discord every day as he also posts his recommended deals and handles all valuations too with his market knowledge.

The floor for Grandmaster adventurers is still at a current price of 35 ADA so now is the time to get yourself a squad amassed ready for Idle Adventures and to earn passive rewards from the above platforms! You can check the latest sales on the home page of this website! Below are some awesome Drunken Dragon assets that were picked up this week, some at immensely low prices like Chroma Arne Hells Bane with 16 APS that was sold for just 20 ADA and a Lars for just 40 ADA! The Lars was once consistently a 175+ ADA asset so there are many deals out there to be had! Also congrats to Baker who minted a super nice slime too!

Remember you are eligible to earn passive Hexonium rewards by signing up with Cardano Lands! For more information check out their website. The slime collection is also eligible to passively stake with them!

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Thats all for this week! have a great week! See you on Wednesday with Baker who is looking at the market from the past 7 days!


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