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Drunken Dragon Weekly Monday 23rd October

Greetings Adventurers of the Drunken Dragon!

Hope everyone is well! Sorry it's a couple weeks since the last Drunken Herald news. I've had loads going on with the family and work and other troubles of life. Unfortunately I've had to sell my Macbook Pro have been going through the process of backing everything up and migrating things across to my PC. Fortunately, we're back up and running on an older Mac that I managed to piece together so we hope for no more interruptions to the regular schedule.

Here are the latest dev notes from Vledic the past 2 weeks who reveals some new additions to the game! Love this update! Great work to Vledic, F3rraz and Santiago for keeping the momentum going!

Make sure to head to and login to try out the new tavern alongside the collection manager as well as the mortal and eternal realms systems! We will have a video guide for this coming soon!

The team are also working on the following as detailed below.


Find out loads more information on the images below but this is a great way to get some sweet DS into your wallet ready for the DS store!


Read up below to find out all of the information you need to get started! Join the Discord if you require any further assistance with your quests or mad chronicler submissions!

-------- QUEST LEADERBOARD --------

A super close month again with on the quest completions with dvwl and Dilly Dallier tied for first in October! Who will make it out in first? Only a week remaining! We hope you're liking the new staking and team systems for eternal realms!


Remember to check out our comic! We do hope you have been enjoying Volume 1 which you can get from Amazon for your eReader today by clicking the shop image below!

Baker covers the sales each week in his latest sales report and we may have seen an insane pickup at the tavern.... Make sure to check the Discord where he also posts his recommended deals and handles all valuations too with his market knowledge. You can check the latest sales on the home page of this website!

Both sales bots are currently working in the Discord!

Remember, you are eligible to earn passive Hexonium rewards by signing up with Cardano Lands! For more information check out their website. The slime collection is also eligible to passively stake with them! They also updated their white paper regarding the meta lab prize pool which you can read about here

Our friend Pete comes to us again with all the latest Cardano news and you can check his latest show below! Congratulations on 17k Subscribers!

SOCIAL MEDIA STATISTICS ——————————————————

Discord Members - 4845

Facebook Followers - 27

Twitter Followers - 8970

Instagram Followers - 165

YouTube Subscribers - 678

YouTube Total Views - 33,000+


Thanks all and have a great week!


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