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Drunken Dragon Weekly Monday 25th April

Hey all!

Good morning everyone and welcome to another Drunken Dragon Weekly.

Starting off with the recent sneak peeks for last week in case you missed any! More of these of course will come this week every week day!

Another instalment of our quest log was released on Friday with some cool updates! You can check out the video below! Please make sure to give us your feedback in the comments of the video!

Congratulations to Vinc who was the winner of our Third Tavern Nights Quiz! They bagged themselves 100 Dragon Silver! Followed by myself in second and Blarrgh in third. Don't worry, the answers are hidden from the Innkeepers now! Congratulations to all the winners and this week we have Vimtyr and Lilemina to thank for putting it together and running the show! Next week will be hosted by Vimtyr and Lilemina but will be my quiz with the genre being sports ⚽️

We expect the Tokenref site to be ready this week with them releasing this tweet earlier today. I used the service a load so can’t wait for its return!

The project takes another huge step forward this week as the team focus on the gamification of the Drunken Dragon this week with a new staking mechanism. Vledic had this to day earlier today on top of the vote he started a few days ago.

You are now able to use your Dragon Silver within the Discord shop! Currently featuring the wine and beer slime emoji packs this shop will contain new content really soon! If you wish to grab yourself some collectibles for your tavern then check the guide below and make sure to redeem using the vendor section of the Discord. Any questions then please reach out to Vimtyr or Quantum in the Discord.

There are still lots of Grandmaster Adventurers and Pixel tiles up for sale in the sell channel. We will have an in depth look at all of the recent interesting sales on Wednesday but should you be looking to add some additions to your GMA team then head to the sell channel in the Discord and work out a deal!



Discord Members - 4716

Facebook Followers - 93

Twitter Followers - 8277

YouTube Subscribers - 588

YouTube Total Views - 20,469



1, Vimtyr 83

2, HurrySkurry 58

3, Mushroom Mage 57

4, vpr 54

5, Terrorhertz 53

6, Saphstar 52

7, Baboon Bott 51

8, Samuramen 48

9, andrsw 46

10, Jovee 46

Thats all for this week folks! Should you have any suggestions for reoccurring themes in these weekly reviews then please let me know in Discord DMs.

Anyways, have a great week! See you on Wednesday for a look at the interesting sales!


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