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Drunken Dragon Weekly Monday 12th June

Greetings Adventurers of the Drunken Dragon!

Another busy busy week in the tavern! It seems these days there is always things going on which is great and it's awesome to see more conversation coming back to the general tavern as well as all of your ideas in the suggestions channel! Let's dive through the bar doors and see what's been gong on!

Firstly, I hope you like the new design of the website. I tried to give it a much cleaner look where it is easier to navigate. I removed and added some content and moved all the sales data to "The Marketplace" page which is in the header. The Pixel Tiles tracker is currently under reconstruction but the Grandmaster sales tracker should be working just fine.

The first voting ballot has been closed! The community has been using their Dragon Gold to vote for which features they would like to see implemented next in the Inns & Quests/Idle Adventures game! You can see the voting belowbut you can see the winning entry which a whopping 43,956 DG votes was....

"Depending on the quests you do, your tavern will gain a reputation on different dimensions: evil/good, peaceful/violent. With factions like Auristar, Kullmyr or Aurinay. As you progress your reputation, different, more challenging and rewarding quests unlock"

This is super exciting and will see a whole new level of depth to the game which could lead to some interesting challenges alongside fun events. The team are now hard at work on adding this into the game!

Based on the feedback from the community, Kilia the Bard has been moved from the general chat and back to her own channel. It currently has a few bugs which the team are squashing now but in the long run we hope that the reporting is accurate with daily quest total updates.

Please remember to check out the Getting Started video guide (ignore the test net parts now we're on main net) to find out how to begin your adventures today! I will be writing and recording an update version of this soon so stay tuned!

Our first comic is OUT NOW with a punchy storyline that pulls on the heart strings! Go and check it clicking the image below where you can get it from Amazon for your eReader today!

We saw a HUGE rise in sales of Drunken Dragon Adventurers from the Thiolden and the Grandmaster Adventurers collection this past week as well as the Pixel Tiles floor rising to 19 ADA for a few days this week! There are now 2 Pixel Tiles now left on the jpg store market before the floor rises to 24 again!

Baker covers the sales each week in his latest sales report. Make sure to check the Discord where he also posts his recommended deals and handles all valuations too with his market knowledge. The floor for Grandmaster Adventurers is currently at a price of 25 ADA so now is the time to get yourself a squad amassed for Idle Adventures on mainnet and to earn passive rewards from Cardano Lands and other passive earners! You can check the latest sales on the home page of this website!

Remember, you are eligible to earn passive Hexonium rewards by signing up with Cardano Lands! For more information check out their website. The slime collection is also eligible to passively stake with them!

Cardano Crocs Club have also released a passive staking platform! Definitely worth reading up and seeing how you can earn their token just by owning Drunken Dragon assets! you can check out more information on their website.



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Instagram Followers - 163

YouTube Subscribers - 686

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Have a great week all!


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