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Drunken Dragon Weekly Monday 3rd April

Updated: May 1

Greetings Adventurers of the Drunken Dragon!

I'm still dealing with the repercussions of a passing in my close family so again I apologise if I haven't been around as much as usual. Due to certain technicalities with their passing I don't think this will be something that can be resolved soon so thanks to everyone for all your wishes in the Discord. Hope everyone has been keeping well!

We received another development report from Vledic last week that you can read below:

As explained above this week and the next weeks of development are being spent clearing up old code before the beta release which is necessary to have a solid and stable build going into the beta. The feature set and the strategy is complete it's just getting it all nice and neat ready for release so as explained these next weeks of news may not be rich in content but rest assured the work is happening and we should have a progress report soon.

Submissions for The Quest Board are being closed until further notice so if you haven't received your Dragon Silver yet for any of your submissions then please reach out to Vimtyr or an Innkeeper ASAP. We will likely re open the board at some point but at the moment there is no ETA.

Here's another snippet of progress of the characters in the comic that is being worked on by F3rraz! This is really shaping up to be an epic addition to the Drunken Dragon Universe!

Forgot to say last week, congratulations to Surityo who won our latest giveaway! We will hopefully be doing more soon when the game is released so keep your eyes peeled to the community channel!

We saw some more sales of Drunken Dragon Adventurers from the Thiolden and the Grandmaster Adventurers collection this past week and Baker covers them each week in his latest sales report. Make sure to check the Discord every day as he also posts his recommended deals and handles all valuations too with his market knowledge. The floor for Grandmaster Adventurers has dropped to a current price of 30 ADA so now is the time to get yourself a squad amassed ready for Idle Adventures and to earn passive rewards from Cardano Lands and other passive earners! You can check the latest sales on the home page of this website! !

Here's a couple of the deals I've seen from this week below! Make sure to check out the listed channel on the Discord to see when Drunken Dragon assets go up for sale.

Remember you are eligible to earn passive Hexonium rewards by signing up with Cardano Lands! For more information check out their website. The slime collection is also eligible to passively stake with them!

Cardano Crocs Club have also released a passive staking platform! Definitely worth reading up and seeing how you can earn their token just by owning Drunken Dragon assets! you can check out more information on their website.

Cardano Prepares to enter the Voltaire era and you can read more about it by clicking on the image below!



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See you all next Monday and look out for Bakers sales report this week!



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