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Drunken Dragon Weekly Monday 4th July

Hey everyone!

Hope everyone has been well!?

Firstly, Happy Independence Day to all of our American patrons! We hope you have a great day however you're celebrating!

As you know I’ve been a bit AFK this week as I’ve spent a week away on holiday with the family in Cornwall. You can see some of the highlights in the gallery below but we had a fantastic break and enjoyed spending a bit of downtime with about 80% of my time with no signal (Although I hopped on the wifi up at the club house to make sure you have all been behaving yourself :P)

But, in my absence LOADS has happened this past seven days which we will look at now. Honestly, there's to catch up on that this will likely be my longest entry in 150+ articles I've written!

Here is the recent sneak peeks for last week in case you missed any all from our season 2 Thildean Adventurers collection.

Another instalment of our quest log was released on Friday but this time as I was AFK I pre recorded this one ;)

On June 29th We announced a strategic partnership with 01X, a consulting firm specializing in economic modeling. 01X will review our in-game economy, examine the Autonomous Fantasy Franchise circular economy, and design mechanics around the land sale on the Dragon Universe. You can read more by clicking the image below.

We also announced a partnership with Genius X! They fosters innovation on the Cardano network while empowering Web3 startups to build impactful and scalable blockchain-based companies that will have a massive global impact. They accelerate and scale incredible projects on Cardano and Web3 through advisory, mentorship, and growth experiences. You can read more about the partnership by clicking the image below.

We are now added to lots of popular Cardano NFT calendars so if you follow them then add it in your diary! The mint is the on 16th July and we're all super hyped!

Our mint will be partnered with JPG Store and they shared some awesome info about their project last week!

Vledic announced that Idle Adventurers will be playable very soon!

Josh Baker aka Baker440 is still smashing it with his daily deals which can be found on the reports page on this website and in the daily deals section of the discord chat!

Make sure to check these out each day for his recommended deal! He’s also handling all valuations in the valuations channel too using all his market knowledge 🤝🏻

You can see the results of our latest quiz for our EUaudience below! Thanks to all the hosts and contributors! Remember if you want to help with a quiz one week then please let any innkeeper know!

There are still lots of Grandmaster Adventurers and Pixel tiles up for sale in the sell channel. We will have an in depth look at all of the recent interesting sales on Wednesday but should you be looking to add some additions to your GMA team then head to the sell channel in the Discord and work out a deal!



Discord Members - 4523

Facebook Followers - 98

Twitter Followers - 8408

YouTube Subscribers - 615

YouTube Total Views - 24,000+



Thats all for this week folks! Should you have any suggestions for reoccurring themes in these weekly reviews then please let me know in Discord DMs.

Anyways, have a great week! See you on Wednesday for a look at the interesting sales!


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