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Drunken Dragon Weekly Monday 6th February

Greetings Adventurers!

Hope all is well and that you had a fantastic weekend! I can't believe the year is already 6 weeks in. Time really does fly when you're getting old like me! The good news is we have lots of news to share from this past week so here we go!

Even more progress was made this week behind the scenes with the Idle Adventures and DDU App. Vledic and the team have spent many days in dev sessions fixing the bugs and listening to the feedback from the Council of Elronidas members and inputting fixes and recommended changes. As soon as a we have a date this will be revealed but at the moment we are thoroughly testing to avoid any bugs for the best experience possible.

We saw a poll for the first features to be on Idle based on importance level and these are being worked on currently. The Council voted on what things they would like to see initially in the first iteration of the Idle Adventures game. Vledic also revealed some changes to the DND Pool of which there is some more information below from this weeks dev news of which there should be another update this evening.

Myself and the crafters team have been actively writing quests that fit into the lore of Thiolden and the Drunken Dragon Universe. We have been building a catalogue of quotes that we hope to see implemented into the Idle game with lots of great storylines, chains and fun activities with your favourite characters from the Thiolden Adventures and your Grandmaster Adventurers! Here is a sneak peek!

With the upcoming release of Idle Adventures you will be able to earn Dragon Silver which can be used to purchase DDU items. One of these is the slime collection and we have a small guide showing you how to do that below!

Djed reached its first major milestone this week which you can read in the report below. Djed is Cardano's native overcollateralized stablecoin, developed by IOG and powered by COTI. DJED is backed by ADA and uses SHEN as a reserve coin.

Cardano also shared some interesting on chain stats from January 2023 with a big emphasis on the amount of transactions using smart contracts!

We saw some great sales of Drunken Dragon Adventurers from the Thiolden and the Grandmaster Adventurers and Baker covers them each week in his latest sales report. Make sure to check the Discord every day as he also posts his recommended deals and handles all valuations too with his market knowledge.

Some of the sales this week have been some immense pickups so I've compiled a gallery below! Remember to check the listings tab of the Discord to get in there first with some great deals!

Remember you are eligible to earn passive Hexonium rewards by signing up with Cardano Lands! For more information check out their website. The slime collection is also eligible to passively stake with them!

The floor for Grandmaster adventurers has remained at a current price of 40 ADA so now is the time to get yourself a squad amassed ready for Idle Adventures and to earn passive rewards from the above platforms! You can check the latest sales on the home page of this website!



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Thats all for this week! have a great week! See you on Wednesday with Baker who is looking at the market from the past 7 days!


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