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Drunken Dragon Weekly Monday 7th February

Good morning all and welcome to the start of a new week! Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Today we launch the Drunken Dragon Weekly! A recap of all the news from the previous week which replaced the Drunken Dragon Daily.

At the start of the week we launched the Sneak Peek idea. This is a channel inside the Discord where we post small daily updates on the project whether it be art or an in game concept or process. We hope you are enjoying these! We are also posting them on Twitter and on the CardanoNFTs Reddit and Drunken Dragon Games Reddit should you consume your information there.

You can see a recap of the previous weeks uploads below.

The team are back to work today working on the new content for you all including new GMA weapons racks, in game art and more. These will be shared of course each day in the various sneak peek channels. This Wednesday will be a weekly sales report on the interesting sales of the past week and Friday will be the drop of the first Quest Log video where we delve a little deeper behind the sneak peeks and see what the team has been working on.

There are currently no ongoing auctions. If you would like to start one then please contact Quantum by using the auction request channel in the Discord. This is one of the safest ways to sell your items due to having it controlled by a trustworthy third party so get in touch if you need a service like this.

New Alpha Release - On February 2nd the Alpha version a2205 was released and can be downloaded from the webpage -

**Patch Notes a2205**

Clerics Added to the game

Racks added to the game (Cleric and Druids)

Music order change

Fixed bug that you only see GMA's appear when press 3 (Before the themes that were being downloaded could be seen until pressing 3, now they are seen as they are loaded)

As mentioned at the start of last week, a launcher is in development for an easier and more holistic way to update the game. We will cover this as soon as it releases!


There are still lots of Grandmaster Adventurers and Pixel tiles up for sale in the sell channel. As mentioned we will have an in depth look at all of the recent interesting sales on Wednesday but should you be looking to add some additions to your GMA team then head to the sell channel in the Discord and work out a deal!

Vledic announced to the community last week that he will be taking Drunken Dragon Games full time! His day job is now over and along with a lot of the art/dev team is going full time. Drunken Dragon Games will be his sole focus going forward. Also, he will be moving back to Mexico in April to where a lot of the dev team live which should help with timing and management. Make sure to

Some awesome taverns have been showcased this week in the show your tavern Discord channel. If you want to show off your cool concepts and cool looking diorama's then please post it in there for the community to see!

(photo courtesy of andrsw)

I am now feeding back all of your suggestions to the dev team every Tuesday. Throughout the week I will scan the bug channel, YouTube comments, questions in the general tavern as well as questions and answers channel and compile a list of all the feedback, suggestions, bugs etc and provide this to the team so that they can review it. This will be done each week so rest assured that all of your feedback is getting noticed and shared.

NFTJam released an awesome update to their Marketplace yesterday. You can read about this below!

We are working on the next community contests which will likely be for Valentine’s Day and Easter but we will keep you informed as soon as we have a plan set. We are discussing these behind the scenes so rest assured they will be focused and fulfilling :)

We’re getting there with my new streaming area! My uncle helped me build some cabinets to hide my boiler and electric board. I’ve laid the connecting flooring and filled some holes in the wall! My other uncle is coming around Wednesday to run power into sockets for my computer underneath the desk and then the pure decorating begins. Even had some help from the little one as you can see! Hopefully this area will be up and running by the end of the month so I can continue with some streams but it will also give me a place to work on content and videos rather than on my couch with my Mac! I might even be able to get some more music made now too 👀



Discord Update - 5137

Facebook Update - 94

Twitter Followers - 8305

YouTube Subscribers - 536

YouTube Total Views - 14,711



1, Vimtyr 66

2, Musroom Mage 57

3, Saphst4r 52

4, Vpr 48

5, Terrorhertz 48

6, Samuramen 47

7, Jovee 44

8, Hurryskurry 44

9, andrsw 43

10, ExodusGear 39

Thats all for this week folks! Should you have any suggestions for reoccurring themes in these weekly reviews then please let me know in Discord DMs. Be cool if there was information you would like to be regularly informed about and I can share that here!

Anyways, have a great week! See you on Wednesday for a look at the interesting sales!


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