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Drunken Dragon Weekly Monday 8th August

Hey all!

Another busy week at the Tavern! Hope all has been well! Well over 6000 members now which is an all time high at the Drunken Dragon so welcome to any newcomers! Any questions then head to the general chat in the Discord channel and we will welcome you there!

Something strange happened at The Drunken Dragon this past week. Watch the video below to find out more.

The Tavern Quiz night was postponed this week with another one planned for this week! Stay tuned for an announcement soon!

We haven't had any update news on the Mint date or details as yet but stay tuned in the coming weeks as I would expect more to be announced on Twitter as well as in the News channel in the Discord.

Our Drunken Dragon Patrons are smashing the Global Leaderboard in the epic RPG Discord Game. Any questions you have then ask in general chat. You can see in the Global Leaderboard we have some truly dedicated RPG players as we sit pretty in 4th place. You can click the sword image below to visit and EPIC RPG guide.

Josh Baker aka Baker440 is still smashing it with his daily deals which can be found on the reports page on this website and in the daily deals section of the discord chat! Make sure to check these out each day for his recommended deal! He’s also handling all valuations in the valuations channel too using all his market knowledge 🤝🏻

We have had lots more GMA sales this week which we will cover on Wednesdays with Bakers weekly report but here are some of the current live sales in our Discord Sell channel.

SOCIAL MEDIA STATISTICS —————————————————— Discord Members - 6093 Facebook Followers - 19 Twitter Followers - 9118 Instagram Followers - 145 YouTube Subscribers - 639 YouTube Total Views - 26,000+ DISCORD CHAT LEADERBOARD ——————————————————

Thats all for this week folks! Have a great week! See you on Wednesday with Baker who is looking at the market from the past 7 days! Terrorhertz

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