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Drunken Dragon Weekly Sales 13th July

Hey everyone! Just want to say thank you to Terrorhertz for asking me to take over for the weekly sales page for him! I'll try to keep everything in a similar format as not to confuse anyone. The ADA price is continuing to drop from what it was last week as you can see below. I expect there to be a rise soon but wouldn't be surprised if it drops a bit more first.

Remember to make sure you check out some of the newer channels in the Discord. The season 2 mint channel shows all the information about the upcoming mint which will be super useful for any newcomers. These channels are updated to ensure the most recent content and information is up to date.

A friendly reminder that the #DailyDeals can be found on the reports page on this website, in the daily deals section of the discord chat, and also now on our official Facebook page!

Make sure to check these out each day for the recommended deal! I also handle all valuations in the valuations channel in the Discord too using all the market knowledge available.

INTERESTING WEEKLY SALES _______________________________________________________________ We have had two 1000 ada sales in the last 7 days which is insane! I expect this is due to the hype of the mint as well as some fomo (fear of missing out). The floor is still 55 and there are currently 7 GMA listed at this price. Let's take a look at the awesome sales we have had this past week!

These two perfect GMA are the current highest priced sales over the past 7 days.

First, this 10/10 Elf Mage sold for 1000 ada 2 days ago on NFTJam.

Second, this 10/10 Tiefling Rogue sold for 1000 ada 3 days ago on NFTJam.

A great 1/3 Orc Bard was sold last Thursday for 400 ada on JPGStore. A great grab!

(If the color seems weird, JPGStore is still having the glitching issues)

BIGGEST SALE _______________________________________________________________ Our biggest sale of the week is a one that does not happen often at all. This very rare 3/3 Undead Warlock was sold on JPGStore for an unbelievable 987 ada!

AUCTIONS There are currently no ongoing auctions at this time. _______________________________________________________________ DISCORD SELL CHANNEL _______________________________________________________________ If you’re looking for GMA’s and Pixel Tiles then please use the sell channel in the discord. There are plenty of great items to pickup here from trusted community members or please ask for an escrow service should you need one.

CURRENT FLOOR PRICES _______________________________________________________________ NFTJam GMA Perfect - 600 NFTJam GMA Floor - 55 JPG Store GMA Perfect - 499 JPG Store GMA Floor - 60 POPULAR PIXEL TILE AVERAGE PRICES PAST WEEK _______________________________________________________________ Lars Floor Price - 160 ADA (up from 145) Orb Floor Price - 43 ADA (up from 40) Maiden Floor Price - 40 ADA (up from 34) Wall Torch - 24 ADA (up from 23) Thanks you everyone and see you next week! Baker440

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