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Drunken Dragon Weekly Sales 20th July

Hey adventurers! Back again with another weekly sales update! For Wednesdays, it will be easier for myself to focus on just the weekly sales report instead of doing both the sales and daily deals. If you have any questions regarding finding a listing or a deal on Wednesdays, please feel free to message myself on the Discord @Baker440.

I am also going to start implementing a weekly hints and tips for buying / selling GMA's and Pixel Tiles so you don't get burned when buying your adventurers! I will also start including S2 buying / selling once they have been on the market long enough to form a base stat pool for each of the 50 different Thiolden Adventurers!



This weeks weekly hint and tips is to ensure you are buying a legit GMA or Pixel tile. Always ensure you are looking at the policy ID for each and make sure they match the following below to avoid any fake or copies. ( there have been a few that have been caught by the community). These are ALWAYS checked before being listed on the #DailyDeals to ensure a smooth and safe transaction!

Grandmaster Adventurer Policy ID :


Pixel Tile Policy ID:



_______________________________________________________________ The ADA price is starting to climb from what it was last week as you can see below. I expect this to either level out for a while or rise to around 0.55 before we end up seeing where the chart will go next.

Remember to make sure you check out the channels in the Discord. Channels are currently under going some changes to help them look better and run smoother. These channels are updated frequently to ensure the most recent content and information is up to date.

A friendly reminder that the #DailyDeals can be found on the reports page on this website, in the daily deals section of the discord chat, and also now on our official Facebook page!

Make sure to check these out each day for the recommended deal! I also handle all valuations in the valuations channel in the Discord too using all the market knowledge available.

INTERESTING WEEKLY SALES _______________________________________________________________

This past week, we have seen TWO, 9/10 stat GMA's sell for 130 ada each! These low prices for almost perfect GMA's don't come around often but surprisingly took a while to sell ( up to 48 hrs from listing ).

First, this 9/10 Elf Mage sold for 130 ada yesterday on JPGStore.

Second, this 9/10 Human Mage sold for 130 ada this morning on JPGStore.

An awesome 6/10 Worgenkin Paladin was sold yesterday for a very low 90 ada on JPGStore. A crazy steal!

BIGGEST SALE _______________________________________________________________ Our biggest sale of the week was a rare 2/4 Orc Rogue. This GMA sold on July 18th through NFTJam for a great price of just 250 ada.

AUCTIONS There are currently no ongoing auctions at this time. _______________________________________________________________ DISCORD SELL CHANNEL _______________________________________________________________ If you’re looking for GMA’s and Pixel Tiles then please look through the sell channel in the discord. There are plenty of great items to pickup here from trusted community members or please ask for an escrow service should you need one.

CURRENT FLOOR PRICES _______________________________________________________________ NFTJam GMA Perfect - 610 NFTJam GMA Floor - 60 JPG Store GMA Perfect - 500 JPG Store GMA Floor - 55 ( only 1 then jumps to 69 ) POPULAR PIXEL TILE AVERAGE PRICES PAST WEEK _______________________________________________________________ Lars Floor Price - 175 ADA (up from 160) Orb Floor Price - 57.5 ADA (up from 43) Maiden Floor Price - 50 ADA (up from 40) Wall Torch - 23 ADA (down from 24) Thank you everyone and see you next week! Baker440

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