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Drunken Dragon Weekly Sales 31st August

Hello adventurers! Back again on another Wednesday for that weekly sales update!

If you have any questions regarding finding a listing or a deal on Wednesdays, please feel free to message myself on the Discord @Baker440.



Great news!! Our ❓│market-overview section of the Discord is now automated and updated automatically every 15 minutes. Go check it out if you ever need a quick reference for floor prices as well as perfect floor prices.

A big thanks to @Enies91 and @Vimtyr for getting this accomplished!

Tip - Try to check the market listings for recently listed NFT's throughout the day as opposed to just once a day. This will widen your chance at finding that low priced NFT you've been looking for and be able to grab it before someone else sees it.



Cardano has fluctuated some over the past week, but we are still sitting sub 0.50. Hopefully all the tweets and statistics lately pointing towards Cardano to take off are true and we will see the coin rise within the next couple of weeks! This week we see that Cardano has ended up at about the same position and is currently on the rise. The Ethereum hardfork next month will for sure shake the market up!

Remember to make sure you check out the channels in the Discord. If you are unsure where to find the information for a specific topic, don't be afraid to ask the community. We will help you find what you are looking for!

These channels are updated frequently to ensure the most recent content and information is up to date.

A friendly reminder that the #DailyDeals can be found on the reports page on this website. It can also be found in the daily deals section of the discord chat as well as on our official Facebook page!

Make sure to check these out each day for the recommended deal!

A sales list reset will take place every 2 weeks to ensure the best deals are listed as much as possible. We have started the 2nd phase of this 2 week reset this week. I will continue this until the S2 mint on the 6th when the S2 NFT's will be added into the #DailyDeals

I also handle all valuations in the valuations channel in the Discord too using all the market knowledge available. You can also DM myself @Baker440 and I will get back to you asap.

Don't be afraid to ask to have your entire wallet valuated!



Once again we see a slow sales week as we approach the mint date for S2. Hopefully people have had a chance at buying their mini dragon pet from the market as the mint sold out super fast! These were selling as low as 5 ada but have settled out around 6 ada.

Let's see what the sales of the week have brought us!

The first sale we had this past week was a 6/10 stat Troll Mage. This GMA sold on JPGStore for a low 65 ada! A nice price for a 6 stat.

The next sale we seen was another 6/10 stat Troll Mage. This GMA sold on NFTJam for only 70 ada! A steal for sure!

We seen a sweet skinned 7/10 Dragonkin Knight sell on JPGStore for 185 ada.

We also got to see a 2/10 stat Orc Mage sell on JPGStore for an incredibly low 125 ada!



Our biggest sale of the week was a very clean 6/10 Vulkin Mage. This GMA sold for an original 50 ada (Pretty sure it was confirmed the buyer was the seller. Possible wallet swap)? But we did end up seeing it sell AGAIN within a day for 130 ada. A crazy deal in my books!



We have decided to remove our Auction channel from the Market channels as it has not been used in quite a while. We do encourage using the current marketplaces to list and sell your GMA's to others. Stay in communication throughout the listing and transactions to ensure the deal has gone through successfully.

Trading through the marketplaces also helps with royalties for the project to ensure proper funding for current and upcoming projects!



We have seen an increase of non-DDU items being listed on the Sell page within the Discord. Please remember that this is for DDU assets only. Please be advised that any non-DDU item that is posted within the Sell page will be removed.

If you do have other project NFT's, you can make use of the Off-Topic channel for non-DDE asset sales.

I apologize that some of these are hard to read. These can be seen in the # sell-ddu channel of the Discord for more information. (Hard to show small images when enlarged).



NFTJam GMA Perfect - 450

NFTJam GMA Floor - 60

JPG Store GMA Perfect - 500

JPG Store GMA Floor - 60

POPULAR PIXEL TILE AVERAGE PRICES PAST WEEK _________________________________________

Lars Floor Price - 120 ADA (down from 149) Available on JPGStore

Orb Floor Price - 48 ADA (down from 49) Available on CNFT

Maiden Floor Price - 38 ADA (down from 40) Available on NFTJam

Wall Torch - 19 ADA (Same as last week) Available on JPGStore

Thank you everyone and see you next week!


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