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Drunken Dragon Weekly Sales 6th July

Hey everyone!

Here is todays weekly sales report for the last 7 days!

ANNOUNCEMENT: Our awesome Innkeeper Josh Baker will be taking over the Sales report from next week. It seemed a natural fit seeing as he undertakes all of our daily sales deals and price checks etc. Anything you think may be beneficial for him to add to this report then hit him up in the DM's

The ADA price is still very similar to what it was last week as you can see below but I expect there to be a rise soon as the Vasil Hard Fork passed testing on the test net. You can learn more about this by clicking the image below.

As mentioned last week make sure to check out some of the new channels in the Discord. The season 2 mint channel shows all the information about the upcoming mint which will be super useful for any newcomers.

Josh Baker is still smashing it with his daily deals which can be found on the reports page on this website, in the daily deals section of the discord chat and also now on our official Facebook page!

Make sure to check these out each day for his recommended deal! He’s also handling all valuations in the valuations channel in the Discord too using all his market knowledge.



We have had a fair few more sales in the last 7 days compared to last week which is good. I expect this is due to the influx of new members of the Discord who are anticipating the mint and have seen some of our awesome collaboration announcements this pas week. The floor is still 55 and there have been some awesome sales this past week with lots of them having a low rarity! Lets take a look!

An awesome pickup earlier today with this super 8/10 Frosty Dragonkin selling for 290 ADA.

A nice Low rank 7/10 Orc Warlock sold for 248 ADA a couple days ago, I believe by our old friend Enkian. A great addition to his team and welcome to the Orc fam!

And lastly, another Orc and this time a 4/10 Druid that sold for only 125 which is great for such a low rarity!



Our biggest sale of the week is yet another Orc (They're super popular this week) with this near perfect 9/10 Plain walker Orc selling for 555 ada with a super low rank of 99.


There are currently no ongoing auctions however we did actually see an auction this week. If you would like to start one then please contact Quantum by using the auction request channel in the Discord.




If you’re looking for GMA’s and Pixel Tiles then please use the sell channel in the discord. There are plenty of great items to pickup here from trusted community members or please ask for an escrow service should you need one.



NFTJam GMA Perfect - 650

NFTJam GMA Floor - 55

JPG Store GMA Perfect - 525

JPG Store GMA Floor - 60



Lars Floor Price - 145ADA

Orb Floor Price - 40 ADA

Maiden Floor Price - 34 ADA

Wall Torch - 23 ADA

Thanks all and see you next week!


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