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Drunken Dragon Weekly Tuesday 20th September

Good morning everyone!

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend? It was a national bank holiday here in the UK as we celebrated the life of our queen who sadly passed last week. Today is also my last day at my current job after being here for 13 years! Looking forward to starting at my new place next Tuesday. That also means I have a week to get some DDE related stuff done, but more about that later.....

Let's have a look then at some of the weekly news from around the Tavern!

We announced this week the end of the DND Stake Pool as we move over to the to the Genius X multi token ISPO.

You can find more information about GeniusX and the Drunken Dragon on the link here!

Vledic was a guest on the EPOCHpool channel this week and you can hear the recording by clicking below!

And yet another public appearance for the busy Vledic who appeared on the Learn Cardano podcast again, this time with all the projects from the Genius X project who are part of the multi token ISPO. Go to 1:02:20 to hear him talk!

Vledic also shared an important piece of information about the development of the game in the news channel. Him and the team have been working around the clock to get things moving in the short term with Idle Adventures and our DDU App. These should be released shortly!

I released a mint video last week in the search for my elusive Terrorhertz NFT! Come along and watch to see if I managed to pull it!

We have been super busy on Twitter recently and have shared lots of cool bios from behind the scenes of our artist and dev team! Make sure to head to the Twitter to read up on all things Drunken Dragon this past week!

We are now second place Cardano Lands leaderboard! You can click the image below to learn more about staking your drunken dragon NFTs to earn passive rewards. This is awesome for the project and just one of the ways you will be able to passively earn from it! Our season 2 is already on their too! We're also super close to the high league and Will hopefully be there very soon!

Our next Tavern nights quiz will be announced soon in the community channel on the Discord so head there for any news soon!

Josh Baker aka Baker440 is still smashing it with his daily deals which can be found on the reports page on this website and in the daily deals section of the discord chat!

Make sure to check these out each day for his recommended deal! He’s also handling all valuations in the valuations channel too using all his market knowledge 🤝🏻

The floor for Grandmaster adventurers has been 60 for a while now! Make sure to check any new deals in our Discord in the sell channel!



Discord Members - 5955

Facebook Followers - 28

Twitter Followers - 9674

Instagram Followers - 152

YouTube Subscribers - 674

YouTube Total Views - 27,900+



Thats all for this week! have a great week! See you on Wednesday with Baker who is looking at the market from the past 7 days!


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