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The Drunken Herald

Hey everyone! I'm Terrorhertz. I joined the Drunken Dragon community in early September 2021 after buying my first Orc Hunter NFT. I started posting little bulletins about the daily news soon after joining as a little recap for everyone. After a couple of weeks of delivering this content I was given the title of "Herald" within the Discord and eventually joined the ranks of the Innkeepers after my dedication to delivering the news to everyone daily.
I then started making some instructional videos, live streaming for the community on my already established YouTube channel and also bringing some of my daily news as videos, whilst bringing all members of the community along for the ride. Since October I have was taken onboard by the Drunken Dragon team as Community Manager, Content Creator and Lead Innkeeper for moderating the Discord channel alongside doing various other jobs within the company and am seen as "The voice of the project"
In order to evolve this Herald role I decided to make a website which is where you are now. I see this as a hub of the community which offers as much information about the project as I can cram in whilst making it a great place for beginners to come but also will evolve into a database of information when the game finally arrives.
For any feedback please feel free to contact me on any of my social media accounts or via DM on my Discord.
Thanks all and see you all soon!

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