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Position: Lead Innkeeper, Community Manager, Content Creator/Narrator.

Year of Birth: 1986
Location: England, UK

Favourite Owned GMA


Position: Innkeeper, Market Expert, Daily Deals

Year of Birth: 1989
Location: Canada
Favourite Owned GMA - GMA: #4744 4/4 Elf Paladin

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Position: Inn Keeper, Community & Event Manager, Torch Gang Founder

Year of Birth: 1993
Location: Sweden
Favourite Owned GMA

I have come to chew bubble gum and create something epic, and I'm all out of bubble gum.


Position: Innkeeper
Year of Birth: 1988
Location: Germany

Favourite Owned GMA

What up what up! I’m Charlie. I’m an American currently living in Deutschland. I’m a torch gang OG and always repping tile #38. In my free time I love talking to people (#2 on the discord leaderboard), hanging out and cooking with friends, travelling, and bouldering.

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Positon: Innkeeper
Year of Birth: 1984
Location: Brazil
Favourite Owned GMA

I have being a technology, fantasy and gaming enthusiast for as long as I can remember.  Got countless hours of PnP, Board, Card and PC games in my baggage, RPGs being my favorite genre by far. Even helped design and publish a few games along the way. 

Living in countryside Brazil, I found many barriers while pursuing these passions; but even as a lawyer and father now, I never left them behind, keeping my weekly RPG sessions as cherished appointments.

With that background, it’s easy to understand why the Drunken Dragon became my second home. Many of the things I love are combined here, encircled by a great community and a team dedicated to create some EPIC fantasy!


Positon: Innkeeper, Community & Event manager
Yeah of Birth: 1991
Location: Sweden
Favourite Owned GMA (I can't really choose one favorite cus I love all of my five furries :P)

Hello, everyone! I'm Marina, I have been doing most of the quizzes for our Tavern Nights. I have no background in anything that has to do with technology. People are more my thing, both at work and at home. My passion besides Drunken Dragon is helping people in any way I can. Also, I love to just talk and get to know new people and hear about all the differences in all the different countries. This community is a perfect place to make new friends from all around the world. I'm a mom of two wonderful boys. I'm living a couple of miles outside Gothenburg in Sweden. I work with disabled people. In my spare time I'm a football coach for my son's football team (newly made football coach). I love spending time in nature and I spend a lot of time with Vim and my kids, doing as much outdoors things as we can.


Yeah of Birth: 1992
Location: USA
Favourite Owned GMA #3961

Hi there! I go by Metaflop Video games have always had a special place in my heart, ever since I got my first PlayStation. I didn’t have a memory card at first, so I remember playing the first few levels of Crash Bandicoot more times than I can count. Since then, I’ve had the pleasure of discovering classics through Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Blizzard, Bethesda, FromSoftware, etc. Being a part of the Drunken Dragon team has been such a joy, and in many ways has tapped into what it feels like to be a kid again. This project is setting out to accomplish something truly special. Feel free to come and join in on the fun! We’ll be there in the Discord to say hello.

Meet The Innkeepers

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Hey! I'm Paul! but to most of you I'm Terrorhertz. I run the Innkeeper team here at the Drunken Dragon but also create the weekly written reports, Quest Log videos, and round the fire live streams. I am responsible for most of the content you see on the YouTube channel as well as being known as the "Herald" &  "The voice of the project"

I am married with two little girls (4 and 1) and live just outside of London, England. In my spare time I love football and support West Ham United whilst also playing 7 aside once a week. I've been an avid gamer all of my life with my favourite games being Zelda Ocarina of Time, World of Warcraft, DayZ Mod and Final Fantasy 7.  I previously ran a semi popular YouTube channel & Twitch stream also under the pseudonym "Terrorhertz" but had to stop doing as much due to busyness in life. I also love running and generally run 3 x a week and often enter local races.

I studied guitar to grade 8 level at university in 2007 and was previously part of a touring MetalCore band called Tides of Virtue and released 2 E.P's and an album before I got burned out of being in a full time band. I have recently picked up music again under the name Caliginous Empire where I make ambient/melodic Dungeon Synth. You can read more about my journey with Drunken Dragon Entertainment on the Drunken Herald page!

Hey guys I'm Josh, aka @ Baker440. Most of you know me from the #Daily-Deals reports on the Drunken Herald. I have been a part of the Drunken Dragon community since August 22, 2021. Also representing the @Maiden Gang Been a big fan of pixel art growing up in the 90s. My first non pixel art game was the legendary polygons of Final Fantasy VII for PS1. I have worked nights for the past 8 years as a master automation technician in a plastic Injection factory making parts for the Honda Civic and the CRV. I'm glad to help out the community in any way I can and if you ever need a valuation done for your GMAs, just @Baker440 on the discord in the #valuations page.

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